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Iran Promoting Intra-Afghan Dialogue
said that his country strongly supports peace and stability in...
that tehran supports the local taliban militant group &ldquo iran...
News ID: 74753   Publish Date: 2019/01/04

Trump Says Ready to Work with Democrats on Funding Bill to Keep 'America Safe'
to pass a bill that secures our borders, supports the...
News ID: 74728   Publish Date: 2019/01/03

Iran always backs Palestinian people, resistance cause
islamic republic of iran always supports inalienable rights of palestinian...
added, &ldquo islamic republic of iran supports palestine at the...
News ID: 74718   Publish Date: 2019/01/02

Washington supports unrest in Iran by pursuing sanctions policy
News ID: 74681   Publish Date: 2018/12/31

Iran Determined to Expand Ties with Afghanistan
claims that tehran supports the local taliban militant group &ldquo...
News ID: 74665   Publish Date: 2018/12/31

US Has No Choice But to Flee Region: Iranian General
flagrantly violating its sovereignty the us supports militants fighting to...
News ID: 74629   Publish Date: 2018/12/29

Iraq emphasizes support for efforts to politically resolve crisis in Syria
supports the efforts to restore syria&rsquo s vitality, and for...
News ID: 74524   Publish Date: 2018/12/24

US Regional Presence Irrational from Outset
its sovereignty the us supports militants fighting to topple president...
News ID: 74492   Publish Date: 2018/12/22

Moscow Reiterates Support for N. Deal
on friday that moscow still supports the joint comprehensive plan...
News ID: 74464   Publish Date: 2018/12/21

Turkish FM Welcomes US Withdrawal Decision from Syria
capital valletta turkey fully supports the territorial integrity of syria,...
News ID: 74460   Publish Date: 2018/12/21

Iraqi President Salih to Visit Damascus within Next Few Days
and open its embassy in damascus &ldquo the uae supports...
News ID: 74432   Publish Date: 2018/12/19

US Envoy:
We’re No Longer Seeking Regime Change in Syria
groups it supports have lost significant ground on the battlefield...
News ID: 74417   Publish Date: 2018/12/18

Zarif Blasts Western States for "Parroting" Netanyahu's Missile Claims against Iran
revolution but iran's supports for the legal governments in those...
News ID: 74414   Publish Date: 2018/12/18

Iran's Judiciary Chief:
US Coalition against Terrorists Ridiculous
confessed, the us supports for the terrorist groups are not...
News ID: 74408   Publish Date: 2018/12/18

Senior official:
Iran supports Yemen peace talks
withdrawn from the jcpoa, no one supports the country and...
News ID: 74401   Publish Date: 2018/12/18

Jeremy Hunt Suggests He Wants to Succeed Theresa May as Prime Minister
preparations necessary " ms mordaunt, who also supports a no-deal...
News ID: 74375   Publish Date: 2018/12/16

Strong Region More Needed than Strongmen
terrorism through its supports for iraq " on last monday,...
News ID: 74240   Publish Date: 2018/12/10

Yemen's Ansarullah:
Closing Sana'a airport, war crime
talks to resolve the crisis &ldquo iran supports the upcoming...
News ID: 74238   Publish Date: 2018/12/10

Qatar Rift Overshadows Riyadh Summit as Emir Stays Away
united arab emirates, bahrain and egypt over allegations doha supports...
News ID: 74234   Publish Date: 2018/12/10

Participants of Anti-Terrorism Conference in Tehran Reaffirm Support for Palestinians
justice any a person who supports, assists, participates or attempts... huge role in defeating terrorism through its supports for iraq...
News ID: 74224   Publish Date: 2018/12/09

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