Updated in: 13 July 2020 - 15:06
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Iran Censures EU3’s Non-Compliance with JCPOA in Letter to Borrell
tehran defapress – iran’s foreign minister has sent a letter...
News ID: 81438   Publish Date: 2020/07/04

Fauci Says Coronavirus Surge ‘Way Beyond Worst Spikes We’ve Seen’ as US Sets New Single-Day High
tehran defapress - dr anthony fauci sounded the alarm thursday...
News ID: 81437   Publish Date: 2020/07/03

Army Spokesman:
Yemen to Continue Legitimate Retaliatory Attacks as Long as Saudi War, Siege Persist
tehran defapress - the spokesman for yemen's armed forces said...
News ID: 81436   Publish Date: 2020/07/03

US sabotaging on UNSCR 2231, ‘a threat against global peace'
tehran defapress – iranian ambassador to pakistan seyyed mohammad ali...
News ID: 81435   Publish Date: 2020/07/03

Europeans’ wrong policies to kill JCPOA
tehran defapress – head of iran's strategic council on foreign...
News ID: 81434   Publish Date: 2020/07/03

Interior minister to brief MPs on security developments
tehran defapress – interior minister abdolreza rahmani fazli will go...
News ID: 81433   Publish Date: 2020/07/03

Iran’s Envoy:
US Bans Hampering Global Efforts to Fight COVID-19 Crisis
tehran defapress - iran’s envoy to the united nations un...
News ID: 81432   Publish Date: 2020/07/03

Civil Defense Chief:
Cyber Attacks against Iran’s Facilities Very Limited
tehran defapress - head of iran's civil defense organization brigadier...
News ID: 81431   Publish Date: 2020/07/03

Russian Diplomat Urges US to Refrain from Interfering in Domestic Affairs of Others
tehran defapress - the united states needs to refrain from...
News ID: 81430   Publish Date: 2020/07/03

EU’s Fear of US Leads to Loss of Cooperation with Iran
tehran defapress - special advisor to iran's parliament speaker for...
News ID: 81429   Publish Date: 2020/07/03

US Senator Suggests Buying Russian-Made S-400 Defense System from Turkey
tehran defapress – a republican member of the us senate...
News ID: 81427   Publish Date: 2020/06/30

Chinese Researchers Warn of New Swine Flu with Global Pandemic Potential
tehran defapress – chinese researchers say they have discovered a...
News ID: 81426   Publish Date: 2020/06/30

Iranian, Qatar FMs Discuss Ties, Regional Developments
tehran defapress – iran’s foreign minister mohammad javad zarif and...
News ID: 81425   Publish Date: 2020/06/30

Iraq Frees 14 PMU Forces Arrested in 'US-Dictated' Raid
tehran defapress – iraq released more than a dozen members...
News ID: 81424   Publish Date: 2020/06/30

Iran’s FM:
US Bullying JCPOA Parties to Violate It
tehran defapress – iran’s foreign minister mohammad javad zarif slammed...
News ID: 81423   Publish Date: 2020/06/30

Venezuela’s Maduro expels EU envoy over new sanctions
tehran defapress – venezuelan president nicolas maduro on monday ordered...
News ID: 81422   Publish Date: 2020/06/30

US to hear UNSC’s support for JCPOA, Res. 2231
tehran defapress – iran's ambassador and permanent representative to the...
News ID: 81421   Publish Date: 2020/06/30

Tehran to Continue Friendly Ties with Caracas Regardless of US Bullying
tehran defapress - iranian foreign ministry spokesman seyed abbas mousavi...
News ID: 81420   Publish Date: 2020/06/29

GNA Leader Calls on ICC to Investigate Actions of LNA in Libya
tehran defapress - the head of libya’s un-recognized government of...
News ID: 81419   Publish Date: 2020/06/29

Coronavirus Has Been 'A Disaster' for Britain, PM Johnson Says
tehran defapress – uk prime minister boris johnson said the...
News ID: 81418   Publish Date: 2020/06/29