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Eid al-Fitr prayers to be held all across Iran
tehran defapress – iranian president hassan rouhani announced on saturday...
News ID: 81121   Publish Date: 2020/05/16

Mayors of Tehran, Kabul Discuss Joint Action against COVID-19
tehran defapress – the mayors of tehran and kabul discussed...
News ID: 81120   Publish Date: 2020/05/16

US-Israeli Alliance Built on ‘Destruction’, ‘Bloodshed
tehran defapress – iran’s foreign ministry blasted recent remarks by...
News ID: 81119   Publish Date: 2020/05/16

US Has No Right to Extend UN Arms Ban on Iran
tehran defapress – china’s mission to the united nations in...
News ID: 81118   Publish Date: 2020/05/16

Russia Calls JCPOA Opponents ‘Helpless’, ‘Ignorant’
teheran defapress – russia's permanent representative to the united nations...
News ID: 81117   Publish Date: 2020/05/16

Iran condemns US’ coronavirus blame game against China
tehran defapress – iranian foreign ministry spokesman seyyed abbas mousavi...
News ID: 81116   Publish Date: 2020/05/16

China Calls on US to Pay Its Debts to the United Nations
tehran defapress – china on friday issued a statement calling...
News ID: 81115   Publish Date: 2020/05/16

Iran’s Top Security Official Slams US Ruling Elite as ‘Source of Threat’
tehran defapress – secretary of iran’s supreme national security council...
News ID: 81114   Publish Date: 2020/05/16

Venezuela Says 39 Ex-Soldiers Caught Trying to Enter Country
tehran defapress - venezuelan authorities said on thursday they have...
News ID: 81113   Publish Date: 2020/05/15

Iranian Deputy FM:
INSTEX Transactions Unsatisfactory
tehran defapress – iran’s deputy foreign minister for economic diplomacy...
News ID: 81112   Publish Date: 2020/05/15

Rouhani hails Iranians’ compliance with health protocols during ‘Qadr Night’
tehran defapress – iranian president hassan rouhani praised iranian’s adherence...
News ID: 81111   Publish Date: 2020/05/15

China Asks US to 'Meet Halfway' after Trump Threatens to Cut Ties
tehran defapress - china on friday urged the united states...
News ID: 81108   Publish Date: 2020/05/15

Lavrov Blasts Rumors Russia Seeks to ‘Hide’ Data on Covid-19 Deaths
tehran defapress - moscow has no intention of hiding information...
News ID: 81107   Publish Date: 2020/05/15

US Plan to Extend Iran Arms Embargo May Lead to Crisis in UNSC, Russian Official
tehran defapress - russian deputy foreign minister sergei ryabkov warned...
News ID: 81106   Publish Date: 2020/05/15

Deputy Minister:
Russia Ready to Remove Obstacles to Expansion of Economic Ties with Iran
tehran defapress - russia’s deputy minister of energy anatoly tikhonov...
News ID: 81105   Publish Date: 2020/05/14

US reacts to Iran Navy vessel’s mishap
tehran defapress – the us central command centcom has reacted...
News ID: 81104   Publish Date: 2020/05/14

Iranian President Asks for Int’l Community’s Pressure on Israel to Withdraw from Palestinian Lands
tehran defapress - iranian president hassan rouhani underlined the necessity...
News ID: 81103   Publish Date: 2020/05/14

Labour Leader Says Government Suddenly Dropped Global Comparisons as UK ‘Hit Unenviable Place’
tehran defapress - laber leader keir starmer accused prime minister...
News ID: 81102   Publish Date: 2020/05/14

Japanese PM Lifts State of Emergency in Most Areas
tehran defapress – japanese prime minister shinzo abe lifted a...
News ID: 81101   Publish Date: 2020/05/14

Spokesman Confirms Dispath of Iran-Made Coronavirus Kits to Germany, Turkey
tehran defapress - iranian health ministry spokesman kianoush jahanpour announced...
News ID: 81100   Publish Date: 2020/05/14

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