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Tag: Renegotiation
Merkel, Macron Set to Promote European Unity Amid Brexit Fallout
News ID: 73793   Publish Date: 2018/11/18

Chinese media:
Iran not trusting US
News ID: 72832   Publish Date: 2018/10/03

Zarif Rules Out JCPOA Renegotiation, Slams Europeans’ Attempts to Appease Trump Zarif Rules Out JCPOA Renegotiation, Slams Europeans’ Attempts to Appease Trump
News ID: 69987   Publish Date: 2018/05/03

Trump Says Not 'Backing Down' on Tariffs, GOP Pressures Trump to Head off Tariffs
News ID: 69037   Publish Date: 2018/03/06

Europeans Seeking to Create ‘Successor Deal’ to JCPOA
News ID: 68901   Publish Date: 2018/02/27

Iranian President Firmly Rejects Renegotiation of N. Deal
News ID: 68791   Publish Date: 2018/02/21

Iran, Russia discuss future of Iran-Russia relations, N-deal
News ID: 68663   Publish Date: 2018/02/14

Iran Not to Negotiate N. Deal, Missiles, Ready for All Scenarios
News ID: 68435   Publish Date: 2018/02/03

Renegotiation of JCPOA Impossible
News ID: 68306   Publish Date: 2018/01/27

US Wants Mexico to Pay for Border Wall 'Directly or Indirectly'
News ID: 68150   Publish Date: 2018/01/18

Europeans to pressure US into preserving JCPOA
News ID: 67183   Publish Date: 2017/11/29

General Khanzadi said at a news conference;
Incorporation battleship Rocket launcher “separ” and Opening “Jask” Airport in Nadaja Week/ Dispatch Army battleships To the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico
News ID: 67106   Publish Date: 2017/11/23

Iran source of regional security
News ID: 66831   Publish Date: 2017/11/03

Over 90 Nuclear Scientists Urge US Congress to Preserve JCPOA
News ID: 66776   Publish Date: 2017/10/31

Iran VP to CNN:
Renegotiation of JCPOA proves impossible
News ID: 66476   Publish Date: 2017/10/17

Friday cleric:
JCPOA remains non-renegotiable
News ID: 66172   Publish Date: 2017/10/06

Iran never to surrender to JCPOA re-negotiation with US
News ID: 65363   Publish Date: 2017/07/24