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Al-Nujaba warns Israeli regime from inside Palestine
tehran defapress – al-nujaba members in palestine sending some balloons...
News ID: 81263   Publish Date: 2020/06/06

Leak of IAEA confidential report on Iran outrageous
tehran defapress – russia's permanent representative to international organizations in...
News ID: 81262   Publish Date: 2020/06/06

UN Secretary General Expresses Support to US Protesters
tehran defapress – the un staff expresses its solidarity with...
News ID: 81261   Publish Date: 2020/06/06

Yemen’s Houthis Make Advances in Ma’rib, Kill Senior Saudi Commander
tehran defapress – fighters from yemen’s houthi ansarullah forces made...
News ID: 81260   Publish Date: 2020/06/06

Prisoner Exchange Not Outcome of Iran-US Talks
tehran defapress – secretary of iran’s supreme national security council...
News ID: 81259   Publish Date: 2020/06/06

Thousands Attend Friday Prayer at Aqsa Mosque
tehran defapress – tens of thousands of palestinians attended the...
News ID: 81258   Publish Date: 2020/06/06

Iran's EC Secretary:
Trump's Offer to Talk with Iran Poisonous
tehran defapress - secretary of iran's expediency council ec mohsen...
News ID: 81257   Publish Date: 2020/06/06

Parliament Speaker:
Trump Not Trustworthy for Talks After Quitting JCPOA
tehran defapress - iran’s parliament speaker mohammad baqer qalibaf in...
News ID: 81256   Publish Date: 2020/06/06

President Rouhani:
1,200 Medical Centers in Iran Taking Coronavirus Tests
tehran defapress - iranian president hassan rouhani said that over...
News ID: 81255   Publish Date: 2020/06/06

Zarif Reminds Trump of Iran’s Commitment to JCPOA despite US’s Unilateral Withdrawal
tehran defapress - iranian foreign minister mohammad javad zarif in...
News ID: 81254   Publish Date: 2020/06/06

Russia Slams Sanctions for Iran Oil Supply to Venezuela
tehran defapress – russian said threats hurled by the united...
News ID: 81253   Publish Date: 2020/06/05

'Power to the People': George Floyd's Brother Talks at NYC Memorial
tehran defapress – new yorkers stayed on the streets of...
News ID: 81252   Publish Date: 2020/06/05

Florida Police Videoed Kneeling on Black Man's Neck during Arrest
tehran defapress – a florida police department launched an internal...
News ID: 81251   Publish Date: 2020/06/05

Iran Sending Rescue Teams After Ship Sinks Off Iraqi Coast
tehran defapress – necessary coordination has been made with the...
News ID: 81250   Publish Date: 2020/06/05

EU Sets Up Financial Crime Unit As Pandemic Poses New Risks
tehran defapress – the european union on friday set up...
News ID: 81249   Publish Date: 2020/06/05

Iraq to Reject Talks with US on Prolonging Military Presence: Politician
tehran defapress – baghdad will reject any attempt by the...
News ID: 81248   Publish Date: 2020/06/05

Iran Condemns EU, US Sanctions on Syria
tehran defapress – iran’s ministry of foreign affairs denounced the...
News ID: 81247   Publish Date: 2020/06/05

Civil Rights Groups Suing Trump over Police Assault on Protesters in DC
defapress – us civil rights groups are suing donald...
News ID: 81246   Publish Date: 2020/06/05

Iran Reports 2,886 New Coronavirus Cases
tehran defapress – iran’s health ministry reported 2,886 new confirmed...
News ID: 81245   Publish Date: 2020/06/05

Trump Advisers Made a ‘Dumb Bet’, Zarif Says of US JCPOA Withdrawal
tehran defapress – iranian foreign minister mohammad javad zarif dismissed...
News ID: 81244   Publish Date: 2020/06/05