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Tag: negotiations
Military advisor to Leader:
Iran increases missile range according to threat types
any possibility of negotiations on iran's missiles, saying "iran's missile...
News ID: 83233   Publish Date: 2021/04/16

JCPOA Joint Commission between Iran, P4+1 kicks off
seek talks of attrition araghchi noted that if the negotiations...
News ID: 83231   Publish Date: 2021/04/16

'If deliberate attack, Natanz incident strongly condemned'
natanz nuclear facility in iran will not undermine negotiations on...
News ID: 83219   Publish Date: 2021/04/13

Tehran to host intl. expo of Eurasian states capabilities
may 2018, after two years of negotiations, iran and the... after three years and negotiations between the two sides ...
News ID: 83208   Publish Date: 2021/04/11

Iran MoD blames foreign intervention for regional instability
mentioning that at the end of these negotiations, a memorandum...
News ID: 83201   Publish Date: 2021/04/09

China's envoy talks of Iran-China 25-year coop. agreement
china for direct negotiations third, achieving non-proliferation based on the...
News ID: 83185   Publish Date: 2021/04/06

Statement on Iran-China comprehensive cooperation agreement
after consultations and negotiations, on march 27, 2021, iranian foreign...
News ID: 83152   Publish Date: 2021/03/28

No negotiations needed for US return to JCPOA
said there is no need for negotiations to return the...
News ID: 83091   Publish Date: 2021/03/04

MP stresses on defending Iran's Nuclear Rights
states against the iranian nation, and after the jcpoa negotiations,...
News ID: 83071   Publish Date: 2021/03/01

Iran Pushed by US to End Implementation of Additional Protocol
agreement as a starting point for follow-on negotiations with our...
News ID: 83058   Publish Date: 2021/02/24

Iranian Students Rally to Protest at Grossi’s Visit, Ask for Expulsion of IAEA Inspectors
for follow-on negotiations with our allies, we will work to...
News ID: 83054   Publish Date: 2021/02/23

Assembly of Experts:
No Negotiation on Iran’s Defense, Missile Power
expediency and on constructive negotiations and interaction with the world,...
News ID: 83052   Publish Date: 2021/02/23

Iranian Parliament Files Complaint at Judiciary against Gov't-IAEA Agreement
negotiations with our allies, we will work to strengthen and...
News ID: 83051   Publish Date: 2021/02/23

Iran, IAEA to Discuss Implementation of Parliament's Law to Stop Inspections beyond Safeguards Agreements
a starting point for follow-on negotiations with our allies, we...
News ID: 83039   Publish Date: 2021/02/19

Iran showing part of its defense power to enemies
capabilities will be never subject to negotiations ...
News ID: 83010   Publish Date: 2021/02/14

Tehran ,Moscow to finalize tie on joint vaccine production
drug administration, arrived in moscow on sunday negotiations with russian... this country &ldquo negotiations for a purchase agreement and joint...
News ID: 82993   Publish Date: 2021/02/08

IRGC commander:
Solution for problems inside Iran
not lift the sanctions through negotiations and called on the...
News ID: 82980   Publish Date: 2021/02/04

Tehran urges Macron to practice self-control
that saudi arabia should be involved in any new negotiations...
News ID: 82958   Publish Date: 2021/01/30

Spokesman Blasts British Foreign Secretary for Interfering in Iran's Judicial Affairs
&ldquo we have intensified those negotiations and are leaving no...
News ID: 82949   Publish Date: 2021/01/27

MP: Iran to Expel IAEA Inspectors Unless Sanctions Lifted
point for follow-on negotiations with our allies, we will work...
News ID: 82871   Publish Date: 2021/01/09