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Tehran Condemns Saudi-Led Quartet for Financing Terrorism, Spreading Insecurity
open to any negotiation in october, mousavi categorically dismissed manama&rsquo...
News ID: 80427   Publish Date: 2020/03/06

China calls on IAEA to act impartially over Iran’s nuclear program
room for dialogue and negotiation parties to the deal should...
News ID: 80412   Publish Date: 2020/03/05

US ‘Maximum Pressure’ Campaign against Iran Has Failed
can force us to the negotiation table by their maximum... government to the negotiation table but this is impossible,&rdquo rouhani... negotiation table with weakness, but we will explicitly and powerfully...
News ID: 80241   Publish Date: 2020/02/17

Nuclear Chief:
Iran Not to Bow to Pressure
held in vienna on tuesday &ldquo iran welcomes negotiation and...
News ID: 80190   Publish Date: 2020/02/12

Sinn Fein Surges as Most Popular Party in Irish Election
leaders entered negotiation mode as it became clear the next...
News ID: 80174   Publish Date: 2020/02/10

Supreme Leader:
Sanctions Opportunity for Boosting Self-Reliance
victor of this battle the leader ruled out any negotiation...
News ID: 80146   Publish Date: 2020/02/08

IRGC Condemns Trump’s “Deal of Century”
any negotiation process to break down in a thursday statement...
News ID: 80094   Publish Date: 2020/02/02

Palestinian PM Says Trump’s Plan Nothing But Proposal of Apartheid
an opportunity, nor a prelude to negotiation, but rather the...
News ID: 80072   Publish Date: 2020/02/01

Palestinian PM Says Trump’s Plan Nothing But Proposal of Apartheid
an opportunity, nor a prelude to negotiation, but rather the...
News ID: 80071   Publish Date: 2020/02/01

Iran’s President:
US to Pay Heavy Price for Assassinating Gen. Soleimani
in such a condition, close negotiation and cooperation between friendly...
News ID: 79793   Publish Date: 2020/01/05

Iran Welcomes Efforts to Save JCPOA, Ensure Regional Peace
any negotiation and agreement that serve our interests &rdquo &ldquo... of negotiation and a win-win prospect,&rdquo the president added "the...
News ID: 79633   Publish Date: 2019/12/21

Negotiating under maximum pressure tantamount to surrender
any possibility of holding negotiations with the united states while...
negotiation with the united states would be out of the...
News ID: 79607   Publish Date: 2019/12/18

US illegal sanctions against Iran won't last
international issues &ldquo we believe that negotiation is the sole...
News ID: 79599   Publish Date: 2019/12/17

Iran Leading World in Defense Technology
and not join any new negotiation unless the bans are...
News ID: 79554   Publish Date: 2019/12/13

North Korea Conducts 'Important Test' at Once-Dismantled Site
negotiations, with the north warning it would seek &ldquo a... that denuclearization had &ldquo already gone out of the negotiation...
News ID: 79520   Publish Date: 2019/12/08

Britain Is A Dangerous Mess, Former PM Blair Says
not off the table," blair said "this negotiation on the...
News ID: 79374   Publish Date: 2019/11/25

Iran to Revise N. Doctrine if UN Sanctions Resume
energy agency iaea , and engaging in diplomacy and negotiations,...
and negotiations and engagement, it would mean that our &lsquo... we will continue the negotiations despite taking our steps within... not say no to negotiation " "we will hold talks... leave the door open for negotiation and understanding," zarif noted...
News ID: 79239   Publish Date: 2019/11/10

FM Zarif:
Door still open to talks on JCPOA
joint comprehensive plan of action, the door to negotiations to...
the door open for negotiation and understanding," zarif noted in...
News ID: 79228   Publish Date: 2019/11/09

IRGC Deputy Commander Warns of US Intention to Influence Iran through Talks
into iran through negotiations," he added general javani underlined that... asking for negotiations with the iranian officials, saying, "talks with... if their iranian counterparts sit to the negotiation, it would... added negotiations with the americans do not decrease pressures and...
News ID: 79205   Publish Date: 2019/11/04

Ayatollah Khamenei:
Objection to Talks Aimed at Preventing US Influence in Iran
for years been asking for negotiations with the iranian officials,... negotiation, it would mean that they have been brought to... their knees, and added negotiations with the americans do not... american political re-infiltration into our country's foundation avoiding negotiations is...
News ID: 79187   Publish Date: 2019/11/03

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