Updated in: 10 August 2022 - 02:18
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Tag: Palestinian
Iran to remain heart of Axis of Resistance
News ID: 84370   Publish Date: 2022/08/10

Yemenis mark Ashura with massive rallies
News ID: 84367   Publish Date: 2022/08/09

Hezbollah chief:
Resistance's missiles forced Israeli to call for truce
News ID: 84364   Publish Date: 2022/08/09

Palestine-Zionist regime updates;
New Zionist attacks launched on Gaza Strip
News ID: 84363   Publish Date: 2022/08/09

Raeisi condemns Israel attacks on Gaza, Kabul terrorist blast
News ID: 84362   Publish Date: 2022/08/09

Hamas welcomes anti-Zionist action by French MPs
News ID: 84341   Publish Date: 2022/07/27

Sayyed Hassan Nasrollah:
Any action against Lebanon not to go unanswered
News ID: 84337   Publish Date: 2022/07/26

Russia orders Jewish Agency to stop all operations in country
News ID: 84298   Publish Date: 2022/07/06

Zionist Knesset officially dissolves as regime faces turmoil
News ID: 84274   Publish Date: 2022/06/23

1 Palestinian shot dead by Zionist forces in West Bank
News ID: 84263   Publish Date: 2022/06/20

Hamas resist against Zionist settlement expansion
News ID: 84261   Publish Date: 2022/06/20

Ashkelon rocket attack signals peace for Zionist over
News ID: 84256   Publish Date: 2022/06/19

Venezuela, Iran victims of illegal sanctions, Maduro says
News ID: 84251   Publish Date: 2022/06/17

Fire reported in Ashdod refinery in Occupied Palestine
News ID: 84196   Publish Date: 2022/05/30

Twitter blocks official account of Hamas
News ID: 84195   Publish Date: 2022/05/29

Iran UN Envoy:
Abu Akleh fell victim to intl. inaction on Israeli crimes
News ID: 84187   Publish Date: 2022/05/26

Islamic Jihad leader:
"We must do our best to strengthen Axis of Quds"
News ID: 84170   Publish Date: 2022/05/23

"Resistance fighting Zionists deep inside occupied lands"
News ID: 84169   Publish Date: 2022/05/23

Worldwide demonstrations held to mark anniv. of Nakba Day
News ID: 84147   Publish Date: 2022/05/16

Iran Parl. speaker:
Nakba Day reminder of decades-old genocide by Zionists
News ID: 84146   Publish Date: 2022/05/16