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Tag: Morales
Cuba Says Trump Administration Pressured Bolivia to Worsen Ties
News ID: 80002   Publish Date: 2020/01/26

Evo Morales: 'Civil Conflict' Risk If I Stand in Next Elections
News ID: 79372   Publish Date: 2019/11/25

Morales Urges UN to Help Stop ‘Massacre’ in Bolivia’s Protests
News ID: 79320   Publish Date: 2019/11/23

Morales Warns Bolivian Leaders Not to 'Stain Themselves with Blood' as Protesters Take to Streets
News ID: 79281   Publish Date: 2019/11/14

Bolivia's Former President Evo Morales Accepts Political Asylum in Mexico
News ID: 79262   Publish Date: 2019/11/12

Bolivia's Morales Resigns after Losing Backing of Security Forces
News ID: 79248   Publish Date: 2019/11/11

Bolivia's Morales Facing Fight as He Seeks Fourth Term
News ID: 79048   Publish Date: 2019/10/20

Reconciliation Doesn't Work in Face of Imperialist Powers: US Analyst
News ID: 77991   Publish Date: 2019/07/06

Bolivia Slams Guaido over US Intervention Remarks
News ID: 75523   Publish Date: 2019/02/10

Bolivian pres. hails Iran’s outstanding role in countering terrorism
News ID: 74900   Publish Date: 2019/01/11

Evo Morales Slams US Proposed INF Treaty Withdrawal
News ID: 73256   Publish Date: 2018/10/24

When Security Council becomes insecure for Trump
News ID: 72746   Publish Date: 2018/09/29

Iranian, Bolivian Presidents Urge Closer Political, Economic Ties
News ID: 72656   Publish Date: 2018/09/25

Breaching int’l pacts dangerous practice in global system
News ID: 70935   Publish Date: 2018/06/26

Protesters Attack 'Immoral' Trump Policy on Immigrant Families
News ID: 70492   Publish Date: 2018/06/02

Guatemala Faces Arab, Muslim Boycott after Jerusalem Announcement
News ID: 67768   Publish Date: 2017/12/28

Guatemala to Follow US by Moving Israel Embassy to Jerusalem
News ID: 67715   Publish Date: 2017/12/25

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