Iran, Russia play decisive role in world energy security

Iran, Russia play decisive role in world energy securityToday, the Russian embassy in Tehran held a celebration on the occasion of the National Day of the Russian Federation. The ceremony was attended by diplomatic missions of Russia's friendly countries in Tehran.

Iranian Minister of Petroleum Javad Owji addressed the participants at the beginning of the ceremony. He congratulated the Russian government, nation, and ambassador to Tehran Levan Dzhagaryan on the occasion. 

The Iranian minister said his ministry which is in charge of the country's joint economic commission not only tries to develop strategic cooperation in the field of energy between Iran and Russia but also supports boosting cooperation between other different Iranian and Russian ministries and organizations. 

Referring to recent Russia’s deputy PM Novak visit to Iran for bilateral talks, Owji said the visit reflects the seriousness of the two countries to boost their relations, adding that during the visit, the two sides decided to increase their trade exchanges to $40 billion.

Owji added that Iran and Russia's cooperation not only will lay the ground for the growth of the countries but also for the growth of the regional countries. He gave North-South Transport Corridor as an example that can create a powerful trade network between countries of South Asia, Iran, Caucuses, Russia and  Europe.  

He also said connecting two countries' banking systems and using local currencies for trade in cooperation with China and some other powerful countries will end the US dollar hegemony in the future. 

The minister noted that the two given examples show the great capacities that Iran and Russia and other friendly countries have to affect the international atmosphere and the balance of power, adding, Iran and Russia as two key players in the field of energy can play a major role in world energy security. 

Iranian minister warned and said, "Let me be clear. Playing with the security of these two important international players (Iran and Russia) will have dangerous consequences for international security and particularly for world energy security."  

Referring to the increase in energy prices in Europe and the heavy reliance of the European countries on Russian and Middle East energy, the Iranian minister advised European countries not to side with the US. 

Criticizing the US and the Western unjust sanctions against other nations, he said sanctions are like a double-edged sword that can harm the state that resorts to them against other nations. 

Then the Russian ambassador, for his part, expressed his appreciation to the Iranian government for its fair stance regarding the developments in Ukraine. 

Levan Dzhagaryan said in fact, that the ongoing war in Ukraine is the west's proxy war against Russia, adding that the 5 determined goals of Russia's special operation in Ukraine will be achieved soon. 

He further noted that "we won't let them create problems for Russia and to this end, we will use all we have at our disposal." 

The Russian ambassador further said that the Americans have engaged in the war in Ukraine to deflect attention from their disgraceful defeat in Afghanistan.