Issue of Iranian ships sent to Lebanon security one

Issue of Iranian ships sent to Lebanon security oneHe said, "The issue of Iran's fuel ship that is on its way to Lebanon is a security issue and will be addressed accordingly."

Following strong warnings from the Palestinian resistance to Tel Aviv, Lapid officially announced that the restrictions imposed on the Gaza Strip had been lifted, Mubasher Aljazeera reported.

Reiterating Tel Aviv's baseless claims against the Islamic Republic, he said, "Iran knows that if its nuclear program continues, some threats will surround it."

He also called for a replacing deal for JCPOA, which is against Iran's announced interests and desires.

The ships carrying Iranian fuel for Lebanon, which were announced by Seyed Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary-General of the Lebanese Hezbollah movement entered the Suez Canal and moved towards Lebanese territorial waters on August 29.

The Lebanese government will make a sovereign, political and legal decision when the ship enters Lebanese territorial waters and receives information about it.

According to the website of Tanker Trackers, which tracks the shipment of oil cargo, the Iranian ship contains fuel for the electricity grid.