Iran Beirut embassy reacts to US envoy's interfering remarks

Iran Beirut embassy reacts to US envoy's interfering remarksThe US Ambassador to Lebanon Dorothy Shea appeared on Lebanese Network Al Jadeed on Friday and, while interfering in Lebanon's internal affairs, also made baseless statements against Islamic Republic of Iran.

In response to a question on 'what the US reaction would be if Iranian tankers entered the ports of Beirut', she claimed, "This is not a viable solution to this problem. What Iran is looking for is a dependent government that it can use to pursue its agendas.”

Iranian Embassy in Lebanon in response to the statements of the US Envoy to Beirut wrote on Twitter, “The arrival of Iranian oil tankers in Beirut does not require an understanding with the US ambassador. She should not interfere in the fraternal and brotherly relations between the two countries and people of Iran and Lebanon.”

Fuel shortages are becoming a major problem in Lebanon and long queues are seen in front of gas stations.

In this regard, Secretary-General of Lebanon’s Hezbollah Resistance Movement Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah in a speech on Friday on the internal crisis in Lebanon, especially the fuel crisis in this country, said, “If Lebanese government could not supply gasoline and diesel, we will go to Iran ... to provide it."