Three people wounded in a shooting spree in Chicago

Three people wounded in a shooting spree in ChicagoThree young people were injured in a shooting at a stopover in Chicago, the United States.

US police on Sunday announced that three young people were severely wounded in a shooting spree in Chicago, US, ABC News reported.

According to the report, US police announced in this regard that the incident that took place at a stopover in "River North" district in the US State of Chicago.

The incident took place when three young people shot at each other and all of them were injured.

The hospital sources said one of the injured men is in a critical condition.

While there are numerous daily reports of shootings in the United States and high death toll in these incidents, the powerful arms lobby in the United States does not allow legislation to be passed to restrict the possession of weapons in the United States.

The availability of firearms in the United States and sales of various types of them in stores have caused most people to access firearms, which is why the number of homicides using firearms in this country is very high.