Deputy DM:
Foreign Visitors Dumfounded by Iran’s Achievements

Foreign Visitors Dumfounded by Iran’s Achievements“The foreign officials who visited our Fateh submarine said that they didn’t believe it to be real as it is on the highest level of know-how,” Admiral Rastegari said on Saturday, adding that Iran has now become the first regional country in the field of defense industry.

He made it clear that Iran has made great progresses in the defense industry despite cruel sanctions.

Rastegari went on to say that Fateh submarine is by far more sophisticated than the 120-ton Ghadir-Class submarine in terms of equipment and arms.

“Now, we are able to manufacture a destroyer like Damavand in one year,” the official noted, adding, “The designing of the heavy Be’sat submarine has been finished and we hope to end this 4,500-ton submarine in the next 10 years.”

“The production of Piroozan hovercraft is underway and we hope to unveil it in the coming months,” he said, and added, “It is the first Iranian heavy hovercraft capable of combat and carrying military load and personnel.”

The deputy defense minister also expressed hope that Damavand destroyer would be delivered to the Navy in the next Iranian year (starting on March 21).

Admiral Rastegari further said that, according to the forecasts, all destroyers will be equipped with vertical-launching systems (VLS).

“We hope that we will add Saba minehunter till the end of the year (March 20),” he said, and continued, “This is the first entirely composite frigate with 35 meters length and 12 meters width.”        

In a relevant development on Friday, Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Hossein Salami said Iran is resolved to grow power to defend its territorial integrity and independence, as the IRGC navy inaugurated a new underground missile town on the shores of the Persian Gulf.

“Our logic entails defending territorial integrity, the country’s independence and the Islamic Revolution’s achievements through growing power,” General Salami said during a ceremony for unveiling one of the strategic underground missile bases of the IRGC Navy on the shores of the Persian Gulf, warning the enemies against any evil intention on Iran.

“We believe that our enemies do not accept (our) power of logic, but they rely on the logic of power,” he noted, adding, “So, in order to prevent the imposition of their hegemonic will and program, there is no way for us other than strengthening deterring defensive and offensive power.”

Pointing to the various kinds of highly destructive and precision striking missiles at the base, the IRGC commander went on to say, “These missiles with hundreds of kilometers of range, are able to beat the enemy’s equipment of electronic warfare.”

Salami reiterated that "if the arrogant and devilish enemies of Iran have any will, the brave youths of country will nip it in the bud".

“The IRGC Navy’s missiles are among the most advanced missiles in the world in the field of the coast-to-sea, surface-to-surface, air-to-sea and sea-to-air missiles.