US Ought to Reverse Policy on Iran

US Ought to Reverse Policy on IranThe resisting Iranian nation has withstood all pressures, the president noted, saying the country’s economy has begun to grow since two months ago despite the severe conditions caused by the sanctions and the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

Although the US has inflicted suffering on the Iranian nation, it has become disgraced in the global arena and will definitely fail to achieve its objectives, Rouhani added.

He said Washington has no option but to withdraw its policies, otherwise it will reach a dead end.

The president has repeatedly hailed his administration’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak and the sanctions, saying Iran is struggling against two viruses at the same time.

Rouhani said in July that not only have the enemies failed to achieve the objective of causing economic collapse in Iran, but the administration has supplied all necessary commodities and accelerated domestic production.

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