Iran to Continue Oil Production Despite US Pressures

Iran to Continue Oil Production Despite US Pressures"Sanctions are not permanent. We need to increase our oil production capacity so that we can return to the market with strength," Zangeneh said on Monday, addressing a ceremony to launch gas supply to 77 Iranian villages.

He reiterated importance of increasing the capacity of oil production for Iran, and said, "By doing this, we will take back the share of Iran from the global market."

Zangeneh, meantime, hailed the amount of Iran's exports of petroleum products, and said gas distribution projects had facilitated exports of petroleum products.

"The amount of the exports of petroleum products in Iran have been unprecedented thanks to gas distribution projects," he said.

Zaangeneh, meantime, underlined that the activities in the oil industry have continued vigorously for more than two years since the sanctions were imposed.

"We stand firm and buoyant to serve the goal of serving the people," Zanganeh said. "There are many problems, but we have kept the activities in the oil industry alive during the two years that have passed since the sanctions were imposed."

He said that now two years and three months have passed since the severe sanctions against Iran were imposed and during this period not only no plans in the oil industry had not been halted, but “we have also started new plans".

Zanganeh said that thanks to the increase in gas production and gas supply in the country, the numbers for exporting products are unique, adding, "I cannot announce any figures because of national interests, but the numbers are really unique and have brought income to the country.”

In relevant remarks in early July, Zangeneh underlined that Washington has been unable to bring the Islamic Republic's energy and oil activities to a halt despite unilateral sanctions imposed on the country.

"We have managed to overome the US sanctions and engage in our oil trade activities," Zangeneh said.

He, meantime, pointed to the offshore activities of the South Pars gas field, and said, "South Pars projects would be complete by March 2021.

The development of the South Pars gas field started in 1997. After 22 years, South Pars is in the final stage of development with the installation of an 11B jacket.

A total of 27 development phases have been defined for South Pars, whose completion would allow for the recovery of nearly 80 mcm/d of sour gas.

This gas will be then processed to be injected into the national gas trunkline or to feed petrochemical plants.

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