Over 39 ISIL Terrorists Killed by Iraqi Army in Salahuddin Province

Over 39 ISIL Terrorists Killed by Iraqi Army in Salahuddin ProvinceIt noted that at least 39 terrorists were killed in a special military operations in Salahuddin heights and their hideouts were destroyed and their large arms depot was also razed down.

In a relevant development in late September, nearly a dozen notorious ISIL terrorist commanders were killed in military operations by the Iraqi forces in a raid on their meeting in Salahuddin province, the Arabic-language media outlets said.

The Arabic-language Sumeria News Website quoted an Iraqi source Qatari al-Abidi as saying that the security forces of al-Jazeera operations, backed by Iraq’s Hashd al-Sha’abi (Iraq’ Popular Mobilization Forces) and the Syrian Air Force in a preemptive move attacked a command center of the ISIL in al-Matajat region in Salahuddin province where the terrorist commanders had convened.

Al-Abidi said that all 11 ISIL commanders attending the meeting, including ISIL’s governor in Salahuddin province were killed.

The command headquarters of al-Jazeera military operations backed by al-Hashd forces and the Syrian Air Force have kicked off the mop-up operations to cleanse the ISIL remnants in the Northern parts of Raveh town in al-Anbar province to the South of Salahuddin province.

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