Iran backs any initiative for terminating terrorism

Iran backs any initiative for terminating terrorism“From the dawn of the Islamic Republic of Iran, menace phenomenon of terrorism, supported and financed by foreign states, has violated principle rights of Iranian citizens, including their right to peace and security,” wrote the Iranian envoy Kazem Gharibabadi in a series of tweets on Tuesday.

He went on to note that in the past few years, 5 Iranian nuclear scientists were targets of assassination, 4 of whom martyred. "While MEK has assassinated 17000 innocent Iranian citizens, they are present and able to maneuver in some western states, which is a clear demonstration of application of double standard policy toward terrorism by these states," he added.

“In recent years, many terrorist attacks have occurred against Iranian border guards and some Iranian diplomatic and cultural premises,” he said, while deeming terrorism “one of the most fundamental challenges and most dangerous threat to the international community.”

“Iran, as one of the major victims of terrorism is of the view that terrorism, extremism and the issue of foreign terrorist fighters bring about implications which are not confined in regional boarders and form a great challenge for international community as a whole,” he said.

Gharibabadi stressed that Iran will support any initiative which will result in termination of terrorism and extremist violence.

“Iran believes that applying double standards to combating terrorism will eventually result in diversion of efforts in global fight against terrorism and consequently will prepare more ground for its reinforcement and growth,” he concluded.

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