Enemies use banking system to wage economic warfare against Iran

Enemies use banking system to wage economic warfare against IranSpeaking in a local ceremony on Wednesday, General Jalali said the Zionist regime and Saudi Arabia are observers to FATF, which is a political joke; they are responsible for monitoring the banking system of other countries to prohibit financing terrorism in the name of FATF, while they two are the “grandfathers” of terrorists.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Jalali referred to the components of the economic warfare against the Islamic Republic, saying “this kind of war makes use of totally different tools than that of military one, which are too advanced and complicated to be easily detected.” He also named dollar as the worst weapon and tool the enemy uses against Iran.”

He underlined that the enemies want to create chaos, unrest, and insecurity in Iran by raising the issue of scarcity in the country; for this, they use social media and networks.

“Military war is very different from the economic one; in the military war, we are well aware of the enemy and its sponsors; however, in the economic warfare the enemy is not visible,” he noted.

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