Political Solution Only Way in Yemen

Political Solution Only Way in YemenIn a statement, the council welcomed consultations with representatives from all parties in Yemen and supports a UN-led political process in the country, Anadolu reported.

According to the statement, the council members expressed their full support the efforts of Special Envoy of the Secretary-General Martin Griffiths to bring about a political settlement.

"The members of the Security Council reiterated that there can only be a political solution to the conflict in Yemen," read the statement.

Representatives from all parties in Yemen are scheduled to meet Thursday with Griffiths in Geneva.

The council urges all parties to "seize this opportunity to de-escalate tensions" and to "take a first step towards ending a conflict that has brought severe pain and humanitarian suffering to the Yemeni people".

"These initial consultations will be a necessary and important step towards the comprehensive and inclusive security and political agreements that will be required to resolve the conflict, improve the humanitarian situation, and bring peace, prosperity and security to all Yemenis," it said.

The council also calls for the implementation of several resolutions including UN resolution 2216, which was adopted in 2015 and imposes an arms embargo on individuals identified by the Security Council.

"The members of the Security Council reaffirmed their strong commitment to the unity, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Yemen," the statement added.

Impoverished Yemen has remained wracked by conflict since 2014.

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