The father of a martyr Mohammad Bayat in an interview with the Defapress posed;
A Martyr who wanted be anonymous like Hazrat Zahra (SA) and got his dream

 According to defapress reporter, Hasan Bayat- Bayat Mohammad Martyr shrine Defender's father in an interview with a reporter of the Defapress, referring to the childhood stated: Mr Mohammad Reza was born on 7 February 1985 was born in Tehran to the Treasury. Mr. child quiet and very quiet. About five or six years at the mosque of Imam Khomeini (RA) was familiar with the religious atmosphere and intimacy of my childhood was the same age prayer along with the mokaber at the mosque began simultaneously and with adults in the mosque for the establishment of the mosque and the things stations Salavati would have to do to help .

He added: Mr to make reading and discussion is also very interested in this arena is also low-azesn. When he reached high school, grade school, and was a member of the Basij, the cultural activities in the field.

Bayat was referring to the era of the school going children and was a reminder: ethics and very gracious and respectful dealing with all the people. Courtesy and respect to it that much if he had also dealt with the right of the logical and fights. Much respect to the families. It was very good at school and once led me to Islam's school. A very good read and lessons on a regular basis and moral behavior.

A Martyr who wanted be anonymous like Hazrat Zahra (SA) and got his dream

Bayat with reference to the activities that take place in different areas of Mr doing stated: in all areas of political and cultural beliefs and even the establishment of a mosque in mobilization activities Salavati station and he was different from what is the scope of the task and the work to feel where the ground was left Find the presence of God and to serve the Islamic society for the promotion of Reza.

The father of a martyr defending the shrine continued: neutralize the intrigue was one of 88 active members and in cooperation with the police and Basij, and the individual was fruitful. KOSAR also rallied in the nazereh mosque, the site of activity, active member in crisis and solve the issues of city and the implementation of various programs to the special meeting of March 22nd of Bahman and very influential people and legal gatherings.

The father of a martyr defending the shrine was reminiscent of Mr: field of study in the field of computers and he had read, but the lesson to be very interested in social issues. Working in conjunction with loved people and their problems and pave the people of the region was doing such things he's satisfied. To get to Heaven  too much activity in the field went for his peace of mind and inner satisfaction.

He is your child about behavioral characteristics feature noted: Mr. moral was that one of the features was that a lot of things to do and not on your own. My child is doing some things that even I was that his father did not know how many times had gone to Iraq as well as in the establishment of the various ceremonies in Najaf, Iraq. Mr Prophet's night prayer without ablution and was not appropriate. Very brave and very respectful to me and your mother may. Of social and political vision and basirat information and good information. The sound was beautiful and the content Pleasant.

Bayat was referring to, when Mohammad Reza wanted to go to Syria said Israel: A year of opportunities to be able to go to Syria, had been very heavily evolution interested to go to Syria and was trying a lot of your water, and the fire would have run up the field go to get ready.

Intensive courses ranger and rescuer and had seen the shooting, with the body was weak but had worked sometime in the avgens as well, in an accident before going to Syria on his abdomen was damaged, but as soon as that was a little better and the time spent recovering somewhat, Syria deployed his things and went too early.

He continued: the moment when my child wanted to go and I came to say goodbye, farewell moment next to Ali Akbar Imam Hussain (AS) is associated for me and said dad should go to the Islamic revival.

Height and the top of my child, I look and we embrace each other in a quick goodbye and went to Mr. she doesn't make me look at love and father feared the child prevents the occurrence. My son's Commander after the testimony of Mr. told me: everything your child's foot was so much work that was proactive in the region and to the best possible way. From cleans the minefield to handling ammunition and sometimes serve as what destruction and a quiet moment and summary.The father of a martyr defending the shrine with a reference to the fact that Mr. Mara will prepare for the occurrence to Syria noted: Mr. was very loving and reckless and justify Syria's he going to mention this point was that the imams (as) are oppressed to defend inmate privacy (p) should go and I am satisfied with the words of her mother, with all the oppressed to Syria went on to boast of the Muslims and the people of the Mist Shrine of Hazrat Zainab (SA) front pages.

Mr. 2014 years on April 24 along with a number of combatants in the area of Al-ayyf was martyred hojjatiyeh my son along with a number of warriors who were all mfqqudalathr con Shahid hojjatiyeh groups are configured, they left nothing, of course, I have to say that this was a long-standing wish of Mr Islam's way to testify and no sign of his body was told this repeatedly, did till like of Hazrat Zahra (SA) not tomb and anonymous. Battalion commander in the region, one of the divisions was Al-eyyf hojjatiyeh.

Mr. timely operations, for when the risk has been proactive and if in the area, there was the possibility of ambush and Shock the enemy, their headquarters to identify herself. She is a kind and sincere with the Commander of the forces under command her confidant. He is a commander was lovely.

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