Bagheri on the sixth anniversary of Ahmadi Roshan's testimony:
Martyr "Ahmadi Roshan" has a considerable role in uranium production / Western-style thinking prevents the country's progress.

Martyr Basij Mostafa Ahmadi, turned on today (Tuesday, 5 January) with the presence of the family of the martyr, Hojjatoleslam Qasemiyan field and the University Professor and a former member of the team," Ali Bagheri "nuclear negotiator in Tehran Sharif University of technology This was held.

Ali Bagheri, the former member of the "nuclear negotiator team in the event of the commemoration of the martyrs for stating that our use of the teachings of accountability, flexibility, shhdast and spirituality: miracles in the future against the likes of the martyr Jihad for the progress of the country, Ahmadinejad did, feel the responsibility of w India.

Bagheri said: a time in this country to Hezbollah to defend the country's borders but look at what the Islamic martyr did clear, proved not only Hezbollah, the standard-bearer of the dignity and independence of the country, but these guys are also guiding the progress of the country.

A former member of the nuclear negotiating team continued as martyrs and its followers, proved that the flag of progress in the hands of the same revolutionary and faithful children. With pounding heart to nuclear energy, but the West has struck our country proud in the heart of the nuclear energy took the front and cement the country's development.

He reiterated: the martyrs of the country's independence and the development of the brafrashtend flag. A tsetzi in the country given the vogue that if we want to fix the country's problems must be with the alien, we agree but the constant entry of the martyrs were without foreign capital to the country can make progress in this field of action, and the investigator.

Bagheri noted: the first revolution of all facilities relating to nuclear energy to our country was sanctioned. Equipment specialist force. The enemy will always be in front when we perform the action, based on the ideas of our power, move.

A former member of the nuclear bargaining team, said: we have to make the enemy prove that his estimate of us is wrong, we need time and should be manifestations of qdertman to show you can.

He continued: we are in the realm of nuclear power should we qdertman effects show while all the doors of the world closed to us. Show our strength by Shahid generation was clear that pulled the country's condition was poor and our constant enemy.

Bagheri said: the main role in the production of uranium was clear and his martyr. At the stage where we've shown the enemy qdertman sanctions. Although the price of sanctions over the nuclear compromise cost the nation's resistance. This was due to the cost of the compromise approach.

A former member of the nuclear negotiating team, added: the progress of cost plus for anyone. The sanctions are the cost of a nuclear compromise. Though the enemy today has a perky and talks about our military power due to the wrong impression that the acceptance of the berjam.

He said: the fight against the enemy in the disappointment against you--not them. The power of our defense for those who have the intention to attack Iran. Foreigners are wrong about Iran's missile power.

Bagheri as saying: last year former Minister of France when it came to the United States, Britain and a joint naval exercise in the Persian Gulf was held and the hypothetical enemy in this exercise was the revolutionary guards Navy.

A former member of the nuclear negotiating team, said Iran's Ahmadinejad like those martyrs whose core somewhere that foreigners were puzzled. It was fixed in the revolutionary group, the Basij, and Gary tadayyon Gary.

In the end, he stated: you do not need to clear the floor and Shahid Ahmadi prayer, his transcendent place. These sessions to our khodamden young people working with the province to adhere to all the world is aghast. The progress of the country, but with the commitment on the basics of the revolution will not be attained. Revolutionism i.e. no border and not to limit progress. Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen to follow Iran's thinking, and as our people better and the Imam commented ahead of the people of the era of the Prophet.

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