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TEHRAN (Defapress) - China’s foreign minister urged parties not to add “fuel to the fire” in the war in Ukraine, pledging to play a role in promoting talks and to keep the conflict from escalating further.
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Publish Date: 07April 2022 - 01:00

China urges for not Foreign Minister Wang Yi outlined a plan to minimize a humanitarian crisis as Russia’s war in Ukraine entered its second week. Speaking at his annual news briefing on the sidelines of the National People’s Congress in Beijing, Wang said that China would soon offer humanitarian assistance to Ukraine. 

“China is prepared to continue playing a constructive role to facilitate dialogue for peace and work alongside the international communications when needed to carry out necessary mediation,” Wang said. 

Wang was responding to a question on why China hasn’t yet acknowledged that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s action amounted to an invasion and if China’s refusal to condemn Moscow could diminish its global reputation.

In another development, China called for a full investigation into Bucha killings in Ukraine. 

According to CGTN, the Chinese Foreign Ministry on Wednesday said that China supports a full investigation into the killings in Bucha, Ukraine, and calls on all sides to avoid unfounded accusations.

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