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TEHRAN (Defapress) - The secretary-general of Hezbollah said that the US military presence in Iraq is mere occupation despite Washington’s claim of having the Iraqi approval, adding that US was forced out of Afghanistan without achieving anything.
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Publish Date: 06July 2021 - 01:39

US military presence in Iraq is mere occupationHezbollah leader focused his speech during the opening session of the conference on Palestinian cause on media and media discourse.

Hassan Nasrallah hailed the steadfastness of the Palestine Resistances at the start of his speech and focused his speech on media confrontation with the Israeli occupation and the US hegemony.

US hegemony in our region is not separated from the Israeli occupation of Palestine, Nasrallah said.

“It is impossible to liberate Palestine without confronting the US hegemony in the region which supports the usurping entity as well as the allies’ regimes,” Nasrallah said

He said that media can play a key role in fighting the occupation of Palestine.

The Zionist entity and its arrogance are dependent on the US hegemony, according to Hezbollah secretary-general.

He later noted that “we cannot work towards the liberation of Palestine without fighting the US hegemony.”

He said that the US was forced to withdraw from Afghanistan after achieving nothing.

Nasrallah noted that media discourse of Resistance Front is based on righteousness.

He said that Resistance media must focus on the national rights in Palestine and the entire region.

Resistance media reflects the field victories gained by power and does not recite poems to over lament defeats, Hezbollah chief said.

He further said that the US military presence in Iraq is mere occupation despite Washington’s claim of having Iraqi approval.

He stressed that Resistance media must rely also on objective realities in a way that acknowledges the strengths of the enemy and utilizes its weaknesses.

“Resistance media must keep committed to honesty in order to gain credibility and authenticity,” Nasrallah said.

“When Resistance vows to obliterate ‘Israel’, it relies on established facts, not dreams,” the Hezbollah chief said.

He noted that al-Quds and the rights of Palestinians unite the people across the world, stressing that the Resistance media can help bring the people in the world together to support Palestine.

Resistance media has contributed directly to the field victories gained by the Axis of Resistance, Nasrallah said.

According to the Hezbollah leader, there were so many achievements for the Resistance, and the Resistance media took part in achieving the victory in the recent battle between Palestinian Resistance groups and the Israeli regime known as the 12-day battle.

He said that the Resistance media showed the true face of the enemy which claimed to be invincible in the recent battle.

He further added that the capabilities of Resistance media have developed over time.

Nasrallah said that the enemy targeted the media and the websites of the Resistance Front recently because it is afraid of them.

He added that cooperation between the Resistance media and the military forces will strengthen the Resistance Front.

He said that the enemy is trying to defame the Resistance Front among people of the region.

He explained that the collaborators with the enemy accuse the Resistance of working for Iran.

Hezbollah leader added that the enemy is saying that the Resistance Front is a proxy or a pawn for Iran without giving one piece of evidence.

Nasrallah said that in the recent battle, some Arab channels focused on losses in Gaza despite the fact that Israelis were admitting their defeat in the battle.

He later noted that the enemy media tell lies and try to distort the realities.

Hezbollah chief stressed that the Resistance media must confront with the slander and hierocracy promoted by the enemy media.

Nasrallah called on the Resistance media outlets to consecrate Al-Quds formula in order to deter any Israeli aggression on the Holy City.

Hezbollah leader said that the enemy seeks to keep the Resistance with the internal issues to keep their attention away from the causes behind the region’s problems.

Later, he asserted that the US hegemony in the region supports and protects the Israeli regime.

He touched upon the problems in Lebanon and said that the US cannot be trusted.

He criticized the government officials in Lebanon for refusing to accept the investment by Russia in the country under pressure from the enemies.

He said that the US is preventing Lebanese government from receiving help from other countries through its sanctions.

Nasrallah also pointed out that the US has imposed sanctions on Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Gaza, adding that the US sanctions prevent foreign companies from cooperating in reconstructing Syria.

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