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TEHRAN (Defapress) - Syria strongly condemned the statements of the French Foreign Ministry’s spokesman on its presidential elections highlighting that the Syrian elections are a Syrian sovereign issue.
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Publish Date: 23May 2021 - 03:33

Syria condemns France's remarks on its presidential electionsAn official at the Syrian Foreign Ministry condemned the French Foreign Ministry spokesman's interventionist remarks about the Syrian Presidential elections, stressing that the elections are a matter for the Syrian government and no foreign party has the right to interfere.

The Syrian source added that the wrong approaches of the French government in Syria can never be an obstacle to the process of preserving stability in this country.

He added that the elections are a matter of the Syrian' sovereignty and no foreign party has the right to interfere in it.

The source added that only the Syrians decide on the issue, and the widespread participation of Syrians living abroad, especially in Paris, in the presidential elections is a clear response to such baseless remarks.

He continued that France must know that the wheel of time will not be turned back and the mandate era is over and Syria today gains its legitimacy only from the Syrians, not by foreigners.

A French Foreign Ministry spokesman claimed on Friday that the Syrian presidential elections are "invalid and illegal".

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