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TEHRAN (Defapress) - A member of Yemeni Ansarullah’s political council says the movement will not accept the US proposal for the Yemeni crisis as the plan is in line with Saudi Arabia’s vision.
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Publish Date: 14March 2021 - 02:32

Ansarullah will not accept US proposalThe US proposal for putting an end to the war in Yemen is in favor of Riyadh and hence Sana’a will not accept such plans, Abdulmalik al-Ajari tweeted on Friday.

US special envoy on Yemen, Tim Lenderking, had offered an alleged plan for ending the Yemeni war, calling on Ansaurllah to respond to the proposal.

“The fact is that what he [Lenderking] has offered is the same conditions set by Riyadh for a ceasefire. Lenderking should know that if such proposals were acceptable, we would have accepted them directly from Saudi Arabia and there would be no need for the presence of an American envoy,” al-Ajari said.

In a similar reaction, Yemen’s Houthis spokesman Mohamed Abdel-Salam told Al-Masirah TV on Friday the US proposal for a nationwide ceasefire had nothing in it and represented the Saudi and United Nations vision.

The US proposal does not include ceasing fire or breaking the siege, and it would lead to a resumption of a blockade, the spokesman added.

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