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TEHRAN (Defapress) - The lawyer of the families of the Iranian nuclear martyrs announced that they have opened a case charging the US government for $100 million for the lost lives of their beloved ones.
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Publish Date: 11January 2021 - 21:16

Families of Iranian nuclear martyrs claim $100mn from USSomayyeh Afzali-Nikoo made the remarks in a press conference on Monday.

According to her, more than 15 Iranian lawyers and attorneys are cooperating on the case that was opened and registered in a court of law in Tehran on Sunday.

The case, as she said, is against the Zionist regime and the US government and US presidents regarding the assassination of the Iranian nuclear scientists as well as other American officials from the US treasury and the State Department who are financing the Zionist regime.

"Committing criminal acts against innocent people for any reason is a terrorist act and can be prosecuted," she underscored.

"On the way to impede the improvement of our scientists, these assassinations cause terror among the nation," she added, "These assassinations are planned and targeted actions that affect a wide range of people around the world."

Noting that the US government is a member of 19 counterterrorism conventions, Afzali-Nikoo said the US is required not only not to combat terrorism but also to prevent it.

She highlighted that the assassination of Iranian scientists is a true sample of international terrorist principles and rules.

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