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TEHRAN (Defapress) - An Iranian critic and producer of the movie ‘Butcher Angels’ warned that no one should easily trust international organizations as they have been dominated by the world’s arrogant powers, including the US and Zionist regime.
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Publish Date: 11January 2021 - 21:00

Butcher Angels, a tale of arrogant powers’ influence on WHOIn an interview with Mehr Iranian News Agency on Monday, Mohammad Ghahremani referred to the theme of his movie, which narrates a war drama about the influence of superpowers on the prominent world organizations, and stressed the need to use the cinema capacities to raise awareness about the modern-day phenomena.

“During our researches before the production of the Butcher Angels, we found that the presence of the Americans in other countries is highly accompanied by financial greed for the military forces.”

“Such groups, with their greedy commanders, try to establish any means through which they can earn money… During our research we found out that such military groups in Afghanistan had human organ trafficking activities in addition to drug trafficking,” Ghahremani said.

"This is what they later confessed that they had been doing in Syria. They smuggled the organs of Syrian children and youth who were taken captive."

Such documents, in addition to other proofs, shaped the script for the ‘Butcher Angels’ in 2012, he noted.

Influence on World Health Organization

The critic pointed out that international organizations are mainly under the influence and sometimes control of the arrogant powers.

“The World Health Organization is no exception,” he said referring to recent reports that the WHO has been put under pressure by the US to approve the American Pfizer vaccines for the COVID-19.

He said this shows that the United States has influence over these organizations.

“This is because their budgets are usually provided by major powers, including the United States, so if they do not listen to them, their budget will naturally be cut.”

In the end, Ghahremani pointed to the film Butcher Angels, saying, “The film narrated a story during which a group of medical forces under the disguise of the Red Cross visit the region; but in the end it is discovered that they are not the Red Cross representatives and are in fact backed by the Zionists.”

“The is revealed by the Star of David on their necks,” he concluded.

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