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TEHRAN (defapress) - The US and its allies can no more control what happens in the world, as the West is losing its integrity and coherence, Foreign Minister of Iran Mohammad Javad Zarif said in a visit to Venezuela.
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Publish Date: 06November 2020 - 14:29

West Losing Integrity, Zarif Says in VenezuelaThe top Iranian diplomat, who is in Caracas for talks with Venezuelan officials, attended a joint panel with his Venezuelan counterpart at Samuel Robinson Institute on Thursday.

In an address to the panel, entitled "Venezuela and Iran in Defense of the Emerging Modern World", Zarif said the time when the industrialized West would determine what goes on in the rest of the world is over.

“The West is fighting for its survival …, the era of Western hegemony is over," he said, speaking alongside his Venezuelan counterpart Jorge Arreaza.

“Today, the United States and all its allies combined cannot control what happens in the world, they have lost control… The West is losing its integrity, it is losing its coherence, its cohesion,” the Iranian foreign minister added.

The remarks came after the US failed to prevent Iran from sending two shipments of gasoline supplies and refinery equipment to Venezuela earlier this year. The exports came in blunt defiance of the US’ economic war on both the countries that has seen Washington targeting them with across-the-board sanctions, Press TV reported.

Zarif said Western states have lost their monopoly and power has been decentralized due to emergence of “sources of power that are independent and inspire others, such as Iran and Venezuela.”

Once it sensed the unpreventable change in the global order, the US began waging back-to-back wars across the world, the top Iranian diplomat noted.

During the last decades, the US "has waged one war per year" in the world, that is against Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Syria, among other countries, because it has realized that in the unfolding of history, "the industrial Western world is losing its central role," Zarif said.

"The US wages a war every year to prevent precisely this change in the movement of history," he added.

The American officials, who were alarmed by the receding Western sphere of control, set off this campaign of spreading violence across the world so they would be able to “institutionalize the domination of the West” by “instrumentalizing military supremacy,” Zarif concluded.

Zarif arrived in Venezuela on Wednesday for high-level talks as he begins a three-nation Latin America tour that will also take him to Cuba and Bolivia.

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