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TEHRAN (defapress) – Commander of Army Aviation Second Brigadier General Yousef Ghorbani sadi that Zolfaghar-99 military exercise showed that there is no place for enemies to exhibit their power in Iran, especially in the Persian Gulf.
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Publish Date: 19September 2020 - 13:10

Iran no place for enemies to exhibit their powersReferring to the self-sufficiency of Iran Army Aviation under the enemy's hostile sanctions, Ghorbani said that Iran has experienced different kinds of sanctions for 40 years, including military sanctions.

Stating that the helicopters' systems are very complex and difficult to maintain, he said, "Fortunately, today we have reached a place where not only do we not need a country to produce parts of helicopters, but we can help friendly countries. These achievements have been gained with the help of universities and knowledge-based companies."

"One of our concerns in previous years was Night VFR (night visual flight) which only a few countries in the world have this ability. Now Iran Army Aviation has reached a position where it can fly at night and help the people when needed," he added.

Referring to Zolfaghar-99 military exercise, Ghorbani said, "Recently, Zolfaghar-99 military exercise was held ... This exercise made it clear to our enemies that there is no place for them to exhibit their power in Iran, especially in the Persian Gulf."

He noted that Iran is a safe and secure country with the cooperation between Army and the IRGC.

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