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TEHRAN (defapress) –Fateh Arbakan, Turkey’s new leader of the Welfare Party described US unfair sanctions against Iran amid the COVID-19 unacceptable.
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Publish Date: 27June 2020 - 14:37

Turkish politician believes anti_Iran sanctions unfairIn an interview with Fateh Arbakan, Turkey’s new leader of the Welfare Party, he made some statements about Iran.

Evaluating Iran and Turkey anti-terrorism acts against terrorist groups in Iraqi Kurdistan, Arbakan said that Turkey has carried out series of air( Eagle claw)and ground (Tiger Claw) operations against PKK( Kurdistan Workers’s Party) positions in Qandil and Sanjar regions in Syria-Iraq corridor and Iran is also fighting against PJAK (Kurdistan Free Life Party) in northwest borders of the country”

“Stability of Iraq is of high importance for Iran and Turkey with respect to some security issues” he maintained, adding that superpowers of the world are using PKK and PJAK terrorist groups for reaching their own goals and interests.

Arbakan went on to say that unfair sanctions of the US against Iran amid the Corona Virus crisis are not acceptable, stressing that the sanctions have revealed United State’s real identity to the world.

It is worth mentioning that Arbakan described Iran as one of Turkey’s key oil suppliers, mentioning that Turkey imports 27% of its oil and 17% of gas needs from Iran.

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