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TEHRAN (defapress)- Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei in a meeting with the commanders and staff of the Islamic republic of Iran’s Air Force (IRIAF) said that his country will grow stronger in areas of economy and industry, reminding that now the IRIAF is capable of maintaining and repairing advanced fighter jets.
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Publish Date: 08February 2020 - 19:32

Sanctions Opportunity for Boosting Self-RelianceIn a Saturday meeting with the commanders and staff of the IRIAF, Ayatollah Khamenei highlighted that sanctions can save the country from dependence on oil revenues.

Referring to the sanctions and the problems enemies have caused for the country, the Leader stressed that threats can be changed into opportunities "if the officials act alertly".

He underlined that the importance of becoming more powerful and stronger to be able to prevent break out of wars and putting an end to enemies' threats.

Ayatollah Khamenei added if such thoughts prevail in the society, threats can change into chances.


Now, the Air Force not only repairs and overhauls fighters, it also designs and manufactures them, which is possible because the Air Force stopped waiting for the foreigners to help, the Supreme Leader noted.

This, he said, can be generalized to the entire country; the "criminal" sanctions can create a lot of opportunities for the country.

He added that there are some "smart" people in the ruling system of the US have advised Washington not to let Iran experience having an economy without oil. They say Washington should keep one road open so that Iran's economy does not get separated from oil entirely. The officials of the country, especially the economic ones, should be fully alert about that."

Ayatollah Khamenei further said that as the enemies' tools and methods got complicated, Iran too has grown more sophisticated than before in a way that different parts of the country are using rational, complex, and progressive methods that have frustrated the enemies.

Stressing that the country should get stronger, he said that Iran is not after threatening any country or nation, but it is after security and preventing others from threatening it.

If a country is weak, it in fact tempts its enemies to make a move, he said.

Ayatollah Khamenei went on to say that the previous administrations of the US were covertly pursuing the same goals the current one has, but Trump's administration's deviation, belligerence, sedition, and greed for assets of others are overt, which is destined to failure.

Outlining the events which led to the victory of the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979, the Leader further said that the Air Force was among the closest forces to the Shah's court and the US.

Still, the Ayatollah added, the fact that the Air Force turned its back to the Shah and joined the ranks of people in the Revolution has some lessons to learn.

Ayatollah Khamanei said the first lesson is that the Shah's regime received a blow from where it did not expect.

He said that the Air Force of the Shah was deeply connected with the US, US managers, US training centers, etc. but on February 8, 1979, they turned to Imam Khomeini.

On that day, another part of the Army attacked the Air Force and the people defended the Air Force, he said.

Second, the incident also shows that the believers were reinforced from where they did not expect.

Back in May, Ayatollah Khamenei told a gathering of senior Iranian officials that he sees no possibility of war between Tehran and Washington, adding that the recent US military buildup in the region only aims to frighten Iran to yield to White House demands, but Iran stands strong.

Addressing the heads of the country’s executive, judiciary, and legislative branches as well as other senior officials, parliamentarians, and important figures in the country’s political, social, and cultural spheres, in a meeting, Ayatollah Khamenei ruled out the possibility of war between the United States and Iran despite heightened tensions between the two sides, saying Washington knows engaging in such a conflict would not be in its interest.

The Leader further said any confrontation between the US and Iran would not be “a military one,” and that “there was not going to be any war.”

“The Iranian nation’s definite option will be resistance in the face of the US, and in this confrontation, the US would be forced into a retreat,” Ayatollah Khamenei said. “Neither we nor they, who know war will not be in their interest, are after war.”

Ayatollah Khamenei further explained that the confrontation between the two sides is “a clash of wills,” asserting that Iran would be the ultimate victor of this battle.

The Leader ruled out any negotiation with the US as long as Washington sticks with its hostile approach against the Islamic Republic, saying Washington would be attempting to undermine Iran’s “points of strength,” such as its defensive power or its strategic regional influence, in any such interaction.

As an example, Ayatollah Khamenei said, “They (Americans) say we should negotiate over your (Iran’s) defensive weapons, (questioning) why do you build (for instance) a missile with a given range. Reduce the range (of your missiles, they say,) so you would not be able to hit our bases!”

The Leader further played down Washington’s highly belligerent rhetoric against Iran, saying its real capability did not match its loud bluster, and that it “needs to engage in (such bluster).”

Ayatollah Khamenei said Washington gives priority to Israel’s interests over the benefits of all others, adding, “The control of many affairs rests in the hands of the Zionist society.”

The Leader pointed to the absence of integrity in the US administration, noting how various American officials contradict each other on a daily basis. The American society, he added, is also afflicted with rampant socioeconomic problems and violence.

Ayatollah Khamenei, meanwhile, also highlighted how Washington’s policies regarding Europe and Asia had backfired.

“In (its) policy of confrontation with the Islamic Republic too, the US will definitely suffer defeat, and (the situation) will end up to our benefit,” the Leader said, citing warnings by American analysts that Washington’s pressure on Tehran would, contrary to its intended purpose, trigger an “economic mutation.”

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