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TEHRAN (defapress)- Iran lauded the adoption of a new UN resolution in support of the cause of Palestine, a diplomat from the Islamic Republic’s mission in New York said, calling for an end to atrocities against the innocent people of the Arab country.
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Publish Date: 16November 2019 - 14:07

Iran Hails Int’l Support for Realization of Palestinians’ Inalienable RightsAddressing the Fourth Committee of the United Nations General Assembly on Palestine on Friday, Counselor at the Permanent Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations Headquarters in New York Mohammad Reza Sahrayee said that Tehran welcomes the adoption of all resolutions under agenda data-x-items 50 and 51 by overwhelming majority.

He added that the adoption of the new resolution once again demonstrated the strong support of the international community for the cause of Palestine in particular realization of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people.

Sahrayee slammed the Zionist regime for continued occupation of the territories and killing innocent Palestinians, and added that the new resolution showed that the world is “holding the occupying regime [of Israel] accountable for its crime against Palestinian people in particular women and children”.

"During the past seven decades that the question of Palestine is the core issue in the Middle East, it is affecting directly or indirectly any other problems in this region,” he highlighted.

“Meanwhile, the continued occupation of the Arab and Palestinian lands, aggression and unabated atrocities against the Palestinian people by the Israeli regime lie at the core of the Palestinian question,” Sahrayee lamented.

“In this connection, the atrocities, such as killing the innocent children, women and the elderly, committed by the Israelis, including in the Gaza and Lebanon, which have outraged the whole world, are just examples of what the peoples under the Israeli occupation incurred in the past several decades,” the envoy reminded.

“Against this backdrop, it is absurd as much as it is appalling that the Israelis now try to hide their daily atrocious and egregious acts behind their empty rhetoric against other countries. It is obvious that their propaganda against Iran has always been a smoke screen released by them to mask their heinous acts and to divert governments and international public opinion from their land grabbing schemes and other crimes,” underlined the Iranian diplomat.

“From the beginning of the tragedy of Palestine, numerous initiatives have been taken by different concerned countries, the United Nations and other international and regional organizations to address this crisis and reduce the misery of the Palestinian people. Adoption of numerous resolutions condemning the occupying regime, presenting different plans and initiative for peace as well as establishing fact-finding missions have all been in this line. Despite this fact, the non-compliance of occupying regime, backed by certain powers, with relevant international law and regulations, has prevented international community from finding a just solution to the crisis,” Sahrayee voiced regret over Washington’s unconditional support for Tel Aviv.

“Ending more than seven decades of conflicts and instability in the Middle East, and the establishment of a durable peace is only possible by resolving the Palestinian issue through ending occupation, restoring the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination, the return of the refugees to their homeland and the establishment of a congruent Palestinian State with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its Capital,” he called for restoration of Palestinians’ rights.

In a tweet on Friday, Senior Advisor to the Iranian Parliament Speaker Hossein Amir Abdollahian said a referendum among the indigenous population of Palestine, inclusive of decedents of Jews, Muslims and Christians inhabiting in the Arab country before 1948, is the only democratic solution to the Palestinian issue.

Amir Abdollahian said Palestine's democratic solution is a “referendum among genuine [sic] Christians, Muslims and Jews.”

His tweet also contained praise of a theater performance of the “Seven Jewish Children”, which he had just watched.

“With a novel view, the performance depicts crimes in Palestine from perspective of Jewish generations. A young and inspiring group is performing,” the advisor said in praise of the performance, which is directed by Mostafa Esfandiari and currently on stage in Tehran.

The performance is based on “Seven Jewish Children: A Play for Gaza”, a six-page, 10-minute play by British playwright Caryl Churchill, written in response to the 2008-2009 Israel military strike on Gaza. The conflict resulted in between 1,166 and 1,417 Palestinian death, according to reports.

In July, Secretary General of the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah lauded Iran’s political and democratic plan for a referendum among all historic residents of Palestine, inclusive of Muslims, Christians and Jews, as realistic and logical.

“The occupying Zionists, however, are the most irrational creatures on the earth, and do not understand anything other than the discourse of resistance,” the Hezbollah chief noted.

He further termed Trump’s controversial proposal for “peace” between the Israeli regime and Palestinians, dubbed “the deal of the century,” as hollow, stating that the Zionists are the root cause of corruption and insecurity in the region.

Nasrallah also highlighted that Hezbollah bears no grudge against Jews, warning members of the religious community not to play in the hands of Zionists’ land grab policies.

Iran has proposed a referendum among the true Palestinians that includes Jews descended from Jewish citizens of Palestine before 1948, when the country converted to Israel more-or-less.

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