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TEHRAN (defapress)- The Syrian Army continues to reinforce its military positions in the Northern and Northeastern countryside of Hasaka, including Tal Tamr, in order to confront any possible aggression by Turkish occupying forces and also to protect locals from the attacks by Ankara troops.
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Syrian Army Fortifying Military Positions in Tal TamrIn Tal Tamr, the army units are working to fortify their military positions to confront Turkish Army attacks as other army units boosted their positions in an area extending 60 kilometers from al-Aghibish village (West of Tal Tamr) to al-Wasitah village South of Aliyah silos.

The Syrian Army units strengthened their positions in Um al-Kaif village Northwest of Tal Tamr and Khashm Zarkan village North of the town and Mjeibert Zarkan village in the Northeastern part on the Tal Tamr-Qamishli Road, field sources in the Northern and Northeastern part of Tal Tamr were quoted as saying by the Arab-language media outlets.

In a relevant development on Monday, the Syrian Army units continued their advances in Northeastern Syria after the Kurdish militias withdrew from the Northeastern countryside of Hasaka province in al-Darbasiyah and Tal Tamr near the border with Turkey.

The Syrian Army units were deployed in al-Darbasiyah, Tal Afr and Kharab Kurd to the West of al-Qamishli near the Syria-Turkey border and they were welcomed by the residents of those regions.

This comes as the Syrian Army had reinforced its troops in several villages and towns to the East of Ras al-Ein over the past 24 hours to confront the Turkish aggressions.

Last week, the Syrian Army units advanced from the direction of Tal Tamr in the Northern countryside of Hasaka towards the Turkish border, and deployed in the villages of Um Harmlah, Bab al-Kheir, Um Eshbeh, al-Asdiayah in the Southeastern countryside of Ras al-Ein, reducing the distance to the Turkish border to few kilometers.

Ras al-Ein is located in Northwestern Hasaka province and 85 kilometers from the city of Hasaka and near the border with Turkey.

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