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TEHRAN (defapress) – Iran is not seeking war against any country but it has well learned how to defend, said Commander of Iran’s Army Major General Seyyed Abdolrahim Mousavi.
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Publish Date: 08July 2019 - 12:14

Iran not seeking war against any country“As repeatedly announced before, the Islamic Republic of Iran doesn’t seek war against any country but it has well learned how to defend,” he said Monday in a local event in Tehran.

During recent years, the country has faced complex intertwined threats, he said, adding that military capability is not enough to protect the country against such threats. “In the current situation, what is strategically important is encountering the enemy’s psychological war, which mostly bears cultural and intellectual aspects.”

Boosting people’s resistance and tolerance in face of the enemy’s pressures carries strategic importance and should be addressed by cultural authorities of the country, he added.

Today, the enemy is focused on a hybrid strategy consisting of sanctions, threats and psychological operations, and especially on Iranian people and officials’ determination and calculations, said the commander, adding that the enemy wants to disrupt the calculations of decision makers in the country.

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