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By Ramin Majnoon Pelehrood
TEHRAN (defapress) - Why Donald Trump's hostile action against the Revolutionary Guards Corps?
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Publish Date: 10April 2019 - 22:13

Donald Trump's hostile action against the Revolutionary Guards America's reason for introducing the Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist group is the loss of its lost homeland in the region and in the world.

The White House officially announced in its Statement the day before its plan to add the name of the Revolutionary Guard Corps to the list of so-called "terrorist organizations". This is the first time that the White House introduces the official armed forces of a foreign country as a "terrorist organization".

Subsequently, the prime minister of the fake Zionist regime, Benjamin Netanyahu, has proven his hostility to Iran as the first supporter of this.

Meanwhile, the Revolutionary Guard has destroyed ISIL in the Middle East and West Asia, and in the whole of Islamic countries, and the United States is self-sufficient, not only in its hostility to Iran, but also to humanity, the official and legal military organization of Iran Who was struggling to eliminate ISIL and has always been at the forefront of helping human societies - as a terrorist group.

The goal of the United States is to exert maximum pressure on Iran. The Trump government has always been thinking of overthrowing the Iranian government. The tightening of economic pressure on Iran is the main target of Tramp. The main purpose of Tramp is to leave the Revolutionary Guards in the list of terrorism, creating psychological intimidation for the Iranian market and economy. The goal of the US government to declare the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps in the list of terrorist groups is to dissuade international companies from trading with key sectors of the Iranian economy. But the Trump's goal will not be realized with the fuss of the likes of the BBC and other media.

And what can be the main reason for America's decision to announce and introduce an army in the list of terrorist groups? The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), which created the construction site of Khatam-ol-Anbia (S) in the past two years, completed two major projects of the "Persian Gulf Star" refinery and four phases of the South Pars project, breaking the backs of the sanctions, as well as the force The great divine that prevented the breakdown of Iran, fared in the sacred defense, disrupted the US $ 7 trillion to plunder the West Asia, disappointed Tramp in the economic boycott, and, with the development of a gunfire, a missile and a spread of popular defense, not only the guarantor It was the security of the Iranian nation, but it provided the national security of the Muslim world and the region.

The decision by the US government is aimed at "counteracting the regional defeat of the Western-Arab front from the IRGC's counter-terrorist activities," "attacking the authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran," "affecting the Zionist regime's parliamentary elections and re-election of Benjamin Netanyahu in the elections," " Increasing the risk of foreign investment and preventing the arrival of an investor to Iran "and" provoking Iran to exit "and" countering the public opinion of the world with the counter-terrorist activities of the IRGC ". But it should be noted that this American action contradicts the concepts of international law and will have widespread regional and international consequences. Tramp's decision to put the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps in the terrorist list will worsen the situation in the region. The move by the US government in the name of the Iranian army as an important military institution will complicate the Middle East. A decision taken with political goals and contradicting the basic concepts of international law.

Following this unusual tramp, Dr Mohammad Javad Zarif, the foreign minister of the Islamic Republic, in a letter to the president and chairman of the Supreme National Security Council, suggested that the Supreme National Security Council of the US military forces in the West Asia region called "Stocam" on the list of groups Terrorist.

The Sup

reme National Security Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran, also on his proposal, issued a statement condemning the illegal and dangerous action of the US regime in placing the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) on the list of "foreign terrorist organizations", in reciprocal action, the US government " Supporter of Terrorism "and" The Central Command of the United States, known as Centcom ", and all its affiliates, was called the" terrorist group. "

One of America's most important post-World War II measures to suppress and intimidate its opponents and independent states, with the broad interpretation of "global peace and security" as the most fundamental issue in international law, "the introduction of the activities of national liberation movements and even the army And the official military forces of a country as terrorist activities. " In this regard, the United States has, in recent years, also deployed forces such as Hezbollah Lebanon and Hashid al-Shaab, which defended the territorial integrity of their country to defeat their enemies from their land and their homeland and rebelled and defeated their sworn enemies - as terrorist forces He now introduced a new leaflet of his hostility toward the Islamic Republic of Iran with the reader of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards' terrorist terrorist organization, and again, contrary to the custom of international law, made a futile decision.

Of course, the United States may have had a negative political impact by placing the Revolutionary Guard in the list of terrorist groups, but given the fact that various parts of the organization were already in the US sanctions, it would not have much effect on its organization. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in Iran is officially considered an armed force, and the United States can be an inferiority that may begin with the United States, but its end will be left out of the hands of the United States.

The unreliability of the US government and the lack of support for the international community against Iran and the expansion of domestic solidarity in Iran will be one of the key consequences of this move, and will make America fail in this way, and ultimately lead to a weakening of the United States in the international community; One can say that the United States has lost its place in the region and the world, and the United States is seeking to recycle its former homeland in the region and in the world.

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