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TEHRAN (defapress)- Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Commander-in-Chief Mazloum Kobani underlined that the Kurdish population, including the militias, are not interested in disintegrating from Syria and want to remain part of the country, adding that SDF's ties with the US have darkened.
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Top Commander: Kurds Not Thinking of Separation from SyriaThe Arabic-language Sky News quoted Kobani as saying that the SDF forces are a part of Syria and do not intend to be separated from the country.

He added that ties between the SDF and the US have darkened after Washington declared withdrawal from Syria, complaining that the White House decision has emboldened Turkey to threaten the Kurds with military operations in Eastern Euphrates region.

Kobani said that the SDF has established closer relations with Damascus after the US decision to backtrack its support for the Kurds, and stressed the need for resolving the differences between the SDF and the Syrian government through talks.

His remarks came after commander the so-called 'National Army' affiliated to Turkey in Northern Aleppo Mostafa Seijari underlined the immediate start of military operations against the Kurds in Eastern Euphrates, adding that they are waiting for the final order.

Also, the Turkish defense minister had earlier declared formation of a joint operations room at the borders with Syria to confront the US-backed SDF fighters.

Relevant reports said earlier today that the SDF had detained hundreds of young people in Eastern Syria amid increased threats by Turkey for military operations against the Kurds in Eastern Euphrates region.

Media activists in Eastern Syria reported that the SDF has arrested over 500 young civilians in Hasaka city and the nearby areas in the past two days.

They added that the so-called Asayesh forces affiliated to the SDF want to evacuate important bordering areas with Turkey, including Tal Abyadh, Ain Issa and Salouk in Raqqa province, Ra'as al-Ain and al-Darbasiyeh in Hasaka province from civilians for the fear of the Turkish army's attacks.

Also, the SDF has dispatched fresh forces and new military equipment to Tal Abyadh to dig tunnels and strengthen the bordering areas with Raqqa.

Field sources in Hasaka had also reported on Monday that the SDF had detained a number of civilians in different districts of Hasaka city, including Tal Hajar, Qawiran, al-Aziziyeh and al-Salehiyeh, with the aim of recruiting more fighters.

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