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TEHRAN (defapress)- China came to the aid of Venezuala's leader on Thursday after the United States declared Nicolas Maduro was no longer its president.
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China Denounces US Interference in Venezuela's AffairsBeijing said on Thursday it opposes outside interference in Venezuela and supports its efforts to protect its independence and stability, World News reported.

"China always maintains the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries, opposing external intervention in Venezuelan domestic affairs, and calling for international society to create good conditions," Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Hua Chunying told local media.

Beijing supports "efforts made by the Venezuelan government for national sovereignty, independence and stability", she added.

UN chief Antonio Guterres appealed for all sides to engage in talks.

"What we hope is that dialogue can be possible, and that we avoid an escalation that would lead to the kind of conflict that would be a disaster for the people of Venezuela and for the region," Guterres said at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

The president of Venezuela's opposition-led National Assembly, Juan Guaido, has declared himself interim president of the country and was immediately recognized by the United States, which is accused by Caracas of plotting to topple Maduro.

US President Donald Trump has also recognized Guaido as the “legitimate” interim president of the Latin American country, calling on other governments in the Western Hemisphere to also recognize Guaido.

Shortly after Trump's recognition of Guaido as Venezuela’s interim president, Maduro said he was severing diplomatic and political ties with the United States.

Signing "a diplomatic note", the Venezuelan president stressed that he would give "the entire diplomatic and consular personnel of the United States of America in Venezuela 72 hours to leave the country".

At a rival gathering from the presidential palace broadcast live on state television, Maduro also accused the opposition of seeking to stage a coup with the support of the US, which he said was seeking to govern Venezuela from Washington.

In 2017, The American president said he would not “rule out” a military option for Venezuela to solve the ongoing crisis in the country.

Washington also intensified unilateral sanctions on the socialist country, announcing bans on Maduro’s wife and several of his top allies to further increase pressure on the government in early September.

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