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TEHRAN (defapress)- An intense firefight broke-out between the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and US-backed rebels in Southeastern Homs.
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Publish Date: 14December 2018 - 20:13

Intense Clashes Breakout between Syrian Army, US-backed Militants Near Al-Tanf RegionAccording to a military source in Damascus, the clashes erupted between the Syrian Arab Army and the US-backed Jeish al-Maghawir al-Thowra group just North of the Al-Tanf region, which is controlled by the US Coalition, massdar news reported.

The source said that the Syrian Arab Army killed at least three members of the US-backed rebel group, while suffering no casualties of their own.

In the past, the US Coalition would respond to these clashes by bombing the Syrian military near the Al-Tanf region; however, they have yet to launch any airstrikes as of yet.

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