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TEHRAN (defapress) – Iranian foreign ministry spokesman condemned the terrorist attack in Tikrit, about 100 miles north of Baghdad, expressing his deepest condolences to the government and nation of Iraq.
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Publish Date: 19November 2018 - 10:59

Terrorist acts not to disturb will of Iraqi people, governmentIn a statement on Sunday, Bahram Ghasemi extended condolences to and sympathized with Iraqi government, people and the bereaved families of the victims over the deadly terrorist attack in Tikrit, which claimed the lives of at least five civilians and left dozens more wounded.

Bahram Ghasemi also added that the remaining Takfiri terrorists, who lost their palce in Iraq due to the resistance of Iraqi people, seek to induce insecurity in the country and to take revenge on the most resistant nation by carrying out terrorist-suicide attacks in the country.

"The will of Iraqi government and people for an unrelenting fight against terrorists won't be disturbed by these terrorist acts," Ghasemi noted.

A car bomb blast killed at least five people and wounded 16 others in the Iraqi city of Tikrit on Sunday, police and medical sources said. The blast set nearly a dozen vehicles on fire, said police. Security forces have closed most of the city streets and deployed in case of further incidents.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the explosion. Such attacks have been rare in Tikrit, about 100 miles north of Baghdad, since ISIL were defeated in Iraq in 2017, since when the terrorists have switched from controlling territory to insurgency tactics such as bombings and attacks on security forces.

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