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UN chief:
TEHRAN(defapress)- The ongoing situation in Gaza Strip is very disturbing and a new war in the region will be catastrophic, the United Nations Secretary-General said on Tuesday.
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Publish Date: 13November 2018 - 14:02

New War in Gaza would bring tragedyAccording to France 24 television news channel, Antonio Guterres expressed hope that the conflict would end since it could give rise to a new war; ergo the world would face 'an incredible tragedy'.

He called for reforms in the United Nations and the Security Council, saying, it is neither the bipolar world of the Cold War nor the unipolar world of the 20th century under American domination.

Reforming the United Nations is not carried out only by him, Guterres said, stressing it is an issue being evaluated by all member states.

He said the Security Council which was established based on the needs of the post-World War II era, does not meet the requirements of the current world.

The Zionist regime has fired 70 rockets at the Gaza Strip since Monday afternoon, killing 10 Palestinians and maiming nine others.

Tensions have been flaring up near Gaza since March 30, which marked the inception of a series of protests called “The Great March of Return.”

The Palestinian protesters have been demanding the right to return to their homeland from which they were banished by Israeli wars since 1948.

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