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TEHRAN(defapress)- Iran’s Navy Commander Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi heading a delegation arrived in New Deldi, India on Sunday to attend the 10th anniversary of the “Indian Ocean Naval Symposium” (IONS).
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Publish Date: 11November 2018 - 11:27

Iran navy commander in India to attend military symposiumAdmiral Khanzadi is scheduled to attend the IONS symposium in Kochi Port in southwestern India on Monday.

Ahead of his departure, Khanzadi told  (IRNA) that the Indian Navy has held a special three-day summit with participation of 32 countries on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Indian Ocean Naval Symposium.

“The Indian Ocean region is considered one of the most important areas of the world, and its security is very important. In this regard, IONS has been working for 10 years to increase environmental awareness and synergy among the countries of the region to achieve collective security,' he said.

He went on to say that Iran's strategic navy has been chairing the summit for 2 years, nearly 6 months of which has passed.

The Indian Ocean Naval Symposium, commonly known as IONS, are a series of biennial meetings among the littoral states of the Indian Ocean region.

It provides a forum to increase maritime security cooperation, providing a chance for discussion of regional maritime issues and promote friendly relationships among the member nations.

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