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TEHRAN(defapress)- Lebanon's Hezbollah deputy secretary general referring to the recent speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the UN General Assembly said Netanyahu's show and threats had no effect on the resistance's efforts to increase its powers.
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Publish Date: 03October 2018 - 18:09

Netanyahu's show not influencing Hezbollah's workSheikh Naim Qassim spoke in Beirut on Tuesday night and in the ceremony of the latest edition international Maraya magazine, focusing on resistance.

Hezbollah's deputy secretary general emphasized that, 'Although we consider the Zionist invasion of Lebanon to be unlikely, we are always ready to confront any aggression.'

Zionist regime's Prime Minister, in a speech at the UN General Assembly last Thursday, showed maps that Hezbollah has hidden its missiles at some places, including Beirut airport and its surrounding at a gymnasium and in several buildings in the 'Al-Awzaei' neighborhood which is the southern entrance to the city of Beirut.

Zionist Army spokesman threatened Israel to target Hezbollah missile centers.

Qasem referred to the process of resistance formation and said, 'The axis of resistance was formed against the two challenges of American arrogance and the occupation of Israel, a common enemy led to our unity in order to be in the same direction.'

He pointed to the Syrian crisis, and said, 'Over the past seven years, the axis of resistance in Syria has faced a great danger called Takfiri terrorism, which was the illegitimate child of the United States. By using Takfiri terrorists, they intended to change the region map according to the same new Middle East plan. So the axis of resistance resists the most dangerous battle but achieved victories.'

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