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Lebanon Sunni leader:
TEHRAN (defapress) - A senior Lebanese scholar said the Saturday terrorist attack in Iran's southwest city of Ahvaz will not make Iran surrender or abandon its principles.
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Publish Date: 24September 2018 - 14:27

Terror strike not to make Iran surrenderIn a statement on Sunday night, Sheikh Maher Hammoud, a Sunni scholar in Lebanon and Secretary General of Resistance Scholars Union slammed the deadly attack on the military parade in the Iranian city that left 25 killed and 69 injured, with many of the victims civilians who were attending the event as spectators.

Hammoud said over the past 40 years the Islamic Republic of Iran has proven that it always takes into account the main issues of the Ummah, especially Palestine, confronting the global arrogance and Islamic unity.

Due to its high ideals, Iran is under siege and various wars are waged against it, but all the efforts to make the Islamic Republic to surrender or to compromise its principles have proved to be futile, he stressed.

He also expressed hope that despite all the overt and covert wars waged against Iran, the country will achieve its goals.

Four gunmen, who had disguised as military officers, affiliated with the separatist group 'Al-Ahwazieh' launched a brutal attack on a military parade early on Saturday and opened fire at civilians, the military and the security forces.

The attack claimed the lives of 25, among them woman and children. Sixty-nine people were also injured.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun and Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berry denounced the terror attack in separate messages.

Some Lebanese figures and groups, including Hezbollah, also issued statements to condemn the attack and to sympathize with the Iranian people.

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