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Iran’s Navy commander said the country’s homegrown submarine Fateh (Conqueror) will come on stream by March 2019, saying a second version of the military watercraft is also planned to be manufactured.
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Publish Date: 25August 2018 - 13:44

Commander: Iranian Submarine to Come into Service in MonthsTEHRAN (Defapres) – Comments Commander: Iranian Submarine to Come into Service in MonthsIn an interview with Defapress, Navy Commander Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi said the manufacturing process of Fateh has already finished and the submarine is now undergoing laboratory and field tests.

The commander added that the second version of Fateh will be much better, pledging a “powerful subsurface fleet” in Iran’s southern waters for effective deterrence of hostile threats.

Highlighting the advanced technologies used in submarines, Khanzadi said the fact that Iran has the technical know-how to manufacture submarines indicates that the country has no limitations in producing other military equipment.

The 527-ton Fateh submarine is a semi-heavy undersurface vessel whose weight at depth increases to 593 tons. The submarine is equipped with an advanced sonic radar system for identifying enemy vessels and uses a missile defense system.

Once Fateh joins the Iranian Navy fleet, it will be equipped with a full range of light, semi-heavy and heavy submarines.

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