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Although maintaining a façade of opposition to terrorists, European authorities support terror groups in action and nourish vipers, such as MKO, in their bosoms, which proves their double standard that will eventually affect Europe's security.
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Publish Date: 10July 2018 - 16:07

Europe nourishing terrorist vipers in its bosomsTEHRAN (Defapress)-Like the past few years, once again, Paris hosted the MKO terrorist group with attendees of their rented participants. Under the hypocritical title of 'Free Iran', the meeting was held by some American, Canadian and European politicians; among the participants were former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich; former Mayor of New York City and US president's attorney, Rudy Giuliani.

The MKO rents participants from among the refugees in Europe to fake news that they are popular in Iran. They try to complete the puzzle of their treason by splashing out and penetrating into lobbies in Washington. This is while anyone slightly acquainted with Iran knows that the terrorist group is not welcome in Iran whatsoever and the people of Iran demand their trial for their crimes and treasons.

In the meantime, removing the MKO from the list of terrorist groups and hosting their so-called conference, the Europeans have adopted a dangerous double standard policy in regards with terrorism.

According to undeniable documents that have been confirmed by European institutions as well, MKO has murdered 17,000 innocent Iranians, including the high-ranking officials.

Iran's foreign ministry has summoned the French ambassador in Tehran François Sénémaud to severely protest against MKO terrorists' activities in France. The Iranian FM official underlined that the extremist terrorist groups, though small and unimportant, should not be allowed to seek shelter under pretext of freedom of speech to promote extremism and terrorism, according to Bahram Qasemi the Spokesman of Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In the meeting, Iranian Foreign Ministry also protested against the recent gathering held in Paris in the presence of some US hardliners and extremist officials and against their interfering speeches against the Iranian people.

Trying to justify France's permission to the MKO terrorists to hold their meeting in Paris, a French diplomat said that Paris doesn’t support MKO's ideology, goals and activities; no French officials took part in the conference, but since they are no longer considered a terrorist group, they are free to have their meetings in France under the conditions of not disrupting public order.

Following the MKO meeting on June 30, an Iranian couple with Belgian citizenship, one Iranian diplomat active in Austria, and three other people were charged and arrested with plotting to explode the conference. After the arrests, it became clear that the all but one of the six detainees were MKO members trying to set up a scene to harm Iran; some European countries support of the fake scene questions their honesty in fighting terrorism.

In a meeting with the French ambassador and German Charge d'affaires in Tehran, Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi expressed Iran's protests against the detention of the Iranian diplomat and demanded his quick and unconditional release according to Vienna Convention for diplomatic immunity. Araqchi said that the scenario was devised in line with Israel and US's goals to affect the 4+1 meeting and President Hassan Rouhani's visit to Switzerland and Austria.

Araqchi said, 'With regards to the existing documents, the MKO terrorists' role in designing the absurd show is proved; the explosives were found with the MKO members.'

What is important is the fact that the double standard policy of the Europans in regard with terrorism will jeopardize security in their own home.

When Europe is attacked by the terrorists, they say that they want to fight terrorism, but in action they support and help the MKO terror group that has a record of criminal activities. This proves that Europe's claims are empty. For instance, when in late 2017 eight people were killed in New York, we saw a wave of reactions from European leaders: President of the European Council Donald Tusk, British Prime Minister Theresa May, President of France
Emmanuel Macron, foreign ministers of Austria, and many other European authorities condemned the attacks.

'We believe that the ominous, inhumane and pitiless phenomenon of terrorism roots in the policies and approaches adopted by the US and its allies in the Western Asia and Northern Africa in the past; they created, developed, supported and used terror groups as tools to gain their interests and goals and to destabilize the countries; the only way to eradicate them is to fight them seriously, honestly and with transparency,' said the spokesman of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Western political system and media have purposefully synonymized terrorism with 'radical Islamism' and whenever native violence takes place due to inequality and economic problems in Western countries, they define them as terrorism. They also treat the foreign terrorist groups according to their interests and political considerations, an example of which is the kind behavior toward the MKO terrorists.

Of course, Europeans should have in mind that, as the Persian saying goes, 'The eyes of he who blows the fire will be filled with smoke.'

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