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The wife of a martyr defending the shrine "Hojat Assadi in an interview with the Defapress posed;
The wife of a martyr defending the shrine said: in times of nostalgia, resorting to the Koran in the shelter and I relaxed, so that any place in my life brings pressure on the problems and the so-called little resort to Qur'an, I.
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Publish Date: 16June 2018 - 17:19

According to defapress reporterMrs. Nazari, wife of the martyr's shrine, "defender h. Assadi in an interview with a reporter of the saga and defend Jihad press, in conjunction with our martyr to intimacy with Quran and illuminated it, based on the life of education stated: before the marriage of activities in the field of interpretation, translation and preservation of the Holy Quran I have done, but by marrying Martyrs of new fields in conjunction with more intimacy with Quran was created in my life, because that's a lot to discuss, "he stressed thinking in the Qur'an.

He added: a martyr because of its years in the field of religious lessons and read, in Arabic and the Quran when the peers will read well realized its meanings, in verses thinking.

Wherever my energy is over, I have taken refuge in the Qur'an

The wife of a martyr defending his shrine with Quranic activities noted after the marriage with the noble martyr, stating: in the era of the marriage with the Quran and started keeping parts of the chapter, I keep the cow mobarakeh, which maintain the same number of verses on the specific impact my life.

Stating that the verse Patience has always been in effect, he noted: this verse of the Qur'an that the invitation to prayer and Patience and have a lot of impact on me is patience so that tried to act it, your marital life in front wait, put, family and social Because I believe there is nothing to measure passed to humans and not relaxing.

The wife of a martyr defending the shrine expressed this way is linked with the martyrs of the Holy Quran, stressed: my wife all their efforts had been focused on this issue, which is in the path of the operating life of the Holy Quran and Quranic context as well as many activities and do a lot of time together to recite the Qur'an assigns Quran Recitation, so that on a daily basis, even one verse of the Qur'an, including his constant work. In the month of Ramadan for a complete end to the Quran.

Wherever my energy is over, I have taken refuge in the Qur'an
He continued: I recite the Quran and even read the words of the Quran to calm the man and gives a positive impact on the human body also, so that those who are not familiar with the Quran and recite verses of the divine are making, luminous face and with poise and dignity in the face of problems and difficulty Wait for life.

The wife of the martyr shrine celebrated emphasized: Relying on of the same verses the way further for the martyrs and their families, for example the verse"and suppose they think have been killed in the way of Allah, are already, but they live and My interest in their markets. " The same verse accepting the testimony of my wife's more me because after the martyrdom of my wife for me this verse clearly proved that the voice of my wife I can hear my asked and answered.

He said: the way of the martyrs and martyrs is one and even though after the testimony of the martyrs, especially for families of martyrs and the lives of their spouses becomes difficult, but in the cases of nostalgia, I resort to the Qur'an to man relaxing refuge and, in such a way that any place in my life problems on the Low pressure and the so-called resort to Qur'an, I.

Wherever my energy is over, I have taken refuge in the Qur'an

The wife of a martyr by the defender of the shrine to discuss the Quran through contemplating and trtyl is one of the topics that the ladies should be in life than to have it and continued: there are those who cannot read the Quran or do not have literacy, reading and recitation can hear it.

He pointed out that the children of their mothers in all fields of operation pattern, stressed: my wife believed in the event that the parents to keep the Quran reading and at home have the same children as well as by such behavior, which we want so my wife to Specific Quranic education by children.
Continued turmoil in the world: theoretical and that today the father and mothers are preoccupied with the future of your children if they are familiar with the Quran and Manus, can have the peace of mind of their education, because that's the divine word with many impact habituate in the lives of human beings, the Holy Qur'an Can a man arrested more of problems and social problems.

The wife of the martyr shrine Defender pointed out by the martyr to various programs, he noted, Quran: attention to the discussion of the Quran was not only at home but also the day before his death about three to four years on the staff and a mosque that was established and Dar-al Quran that now is active and fit at Education and training of the Holy Qur'an and to the track due to the amount of that religion, many of the young people to the Qur'an and the staff.

Stating that my wife to learn the science of attention, said my wife always emphasize the learning of science, learning science, but it is good to have along with being the factor, and despite years in the field and read religious lessons, but never to dress-clad spirituality. And not to the extent that this was still the dress on.

The wife of a martyr defending the shrine about intimacy with Quran Women’s impact on lifestyle modification and move to the path train was reminiscent of the Quran: Quran Recitation, when the next verse of the heavenly book in your life, without a doubt, applied physical gaps that the creator we humans and our needs is to understand The best way in our path.

A religious martyr, the Mujahedeen and zaker and Khadem ahlulbayt (as) a history of the martyrs in the fakka khademi Ascension martyrs of Ahvaz, Darsavin Kurdistan, pilgrims in Karbala en abaabdallah khademi. Karbalai Hojat Assadi of the cultural products of Hussein's store (p) launches in Qazvin. He'd like to have three children. Shahid h. Assadi, the third night of March 94 martyrdom of Hazrat sedigheh Tahereh (q) in successive suicide around the shrine of Hazrat Zainab (SA) was martyred.

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