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To satisfy the United States as the largest European business partner are deemed to be, the most important concern of European solution and become the dilemma.
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Publish Date: 16June 2018 - 14:33

The Europeans in dilemma sensitive JCPOA.According to international  defa prees reporter, With the departure of JCPOA to new topics for negotiation with Iran, thinks. The American protest, breaking the Covenant allies this country along with the satisfaction and the major European commercial partner as deemed to be the most important concern, European solution.

According to the United States from international communities request again to restore sanctions related to Iran's nuclear industry and also put pressure on the countries of the allies to disconnect with Iran now expect the world's politicians chose not to. In different international fora have proven that a country is unreliable, but today the ball land in the EU and the European countries are the ones who must indicate whether the international rules in accordance with their obligations to act or they will also only for their own interests and a testament to any compact They will toe the following. The decision of the European Community in the world to judge between the people and this was going to be the European authorities to enter the hard bottleneck and they have a few more ways:

1-Stay on the JCPOA obligations.

2-deal with the United States to carry out sanctions for JCPOA.

3-exit JCPOA and judgment by the international community and respond to the question mark after the departure from the JCPOA to the mind of the people of European countries will help.

According to the «joosho Kirshbam » a member of the European Union for the defense of democracy, "the master's plans to stop the U.S. secondary sanctions aimed at third countries measures to engage with Iran, and establish a mechanism for securing and supporting European investments in Iran as a common banking, transportation and insurance facilities and buy oil, China and Russia will be happy to make sure that the impact of the European Union, the United States sanctions on Iran's oil sales, investment in Iran's energy sector, Commerce and financial services to the public will be at a minimum, remove the relevant sanctions to sell oil in the shortest Time for the most important economic matter that according to apply sanctions against Iran again this would be impaired. "

The French President, Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Bris Johnson performing British Secretary of State to travel to Washington, to a private meeting of Trump announces departure from JCPOA is going to Trump, but finally was out of this agreement, the European Community's action sparked the wrath of Trump and The nameless American commitment and worthless for these countries represent more than before.

If the European Union these options to stage the action, resulting in a major political crisis for the United States of America and a serious blow to the Union of the Atlantic will be imported, but Europe and the United States with respect to the terms and guidelines that have considered for themselves can still in The width of the next few months by changing their decisions about Iran sanctions, the most important sanctions relating to nuclear energy is the chance to run again and will have to correct that lemon lemonade turns, maybe Iran is able to use the benefits of this agreement and through some of the compounds Reducing the secondary sanctions on European companies and restrict any sanctions to achieve better solutions, but the United States and the European goal of withdrawal from this agreement revisions negotiation with Iran and talk about the missile industry, access to military sites and long term regulations to enrich on ours .

The United States understands that this is no European Union this goal out of reach will be the main element of Europe because the United States to pressure more on the Government of Iran, China, India, Russia, and most of
the non-member countries of the Organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD) continues its activities with Iran in the past They do, but the European Union golden key will be any Real pressure on Iran.

In the same regard Douglas Hngl a member of the Faculty of advanced studies, John Hopkins University International in Washington makes this comment: "the ideal of the United States and the EU continues negotiations with Iran revolves around new rotates, but the EU has warned Iran that its transactions with them, and must see that to adhere to this will be told where, for the month of November the fate of the relationship between Europe and the United States that would be approached on a full implementation of European sanctions against Iran a national disarmament and security against the United States will be in those conditions That commitment will be to JCPOA the benchmark in Europe.

Finally, with regard to the events came as always America's unprecedented commitment of the international community alarm for all people of the world to a place where European countries are now able to support this practice are not trump this would perhaps be the reason for us being isolated in the coming years, Though Iran has from the beginning would have been ready for this for days, but the reaction of the European Community will be a great test for these countries.

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