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When you perform them, had taken their best and to learn all I said several times, "Imama warriors! Don't forget the Basij. They listen to command men until the last minute you stand and your Word to John and Dell were the buyer.
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Ablution and shrouded Imam (RA) in jamaran to narrative is one of the protectors of the bit

Imam Khomeini Protector’s o is a bit over the years, proud and happy existence of Imam (RA) and due to the multitude of traffic to beat the Holiness and the meeting and stood where his strategists were considered. The nobler character Rachel from Imam Khadem language one of the protectors of the bit:
This is the place where the Imam had a residence, belongs to the family of Mr. Imam and had a lot of memories of the old days in it. The father of a great spiritual man and Mr. jamarani and in terms of piety in the position was first home in Muharram and Safar was fraught with breast of a woman. People group to see the father, Mr.
Mousavi Khoeiniha, Imam and some of the people who were to search the home and the same for the right of residence of Hazrat Imam. Imam Khomeini (RA) after a review would agree with that. Then immediately the month was corrupted and are making it, were ready.

Do not tell anyone that they were told that the Imam will come to Iran, was that only a certain number of people. Perhaps I could say that Imam Arrival day for all of us it was a historic day.
The driver and his stop to express the emotions people are the answer. From the moment you enter the street Sir Yasser and move by them, I also had taken the front car is sturdy and can go back to the people, "I said." people did not know that Imam later location the swarm to it for the people on your car or in front of it.
Imam Hasan martyr entered Dort were Kia and people to welcome Imam said to be in the month. The Imam was in car. Never forget that moment. Its awe and it was there that vaghari Hazrat Imam. He stood up and his followers said that people gather in the month. It wasn't that the IRIB historical recording scene. Sir, for the people, and in the meantime Iran speech said that we're in here your guests. Head of the joy of the people cannot. When Hazrat Imam were here, a specific number of guard bits to protect kids. Those days with internal issues in the country, Iran was the site that was more crowded every day. We have got to help the Trooper brothers. I remember that the number of brothers who were 2 or 6 Corps battalion wanted to deploy the Kurdistan region. This was loved so much before going to meet with the Imam.
The clock near the middle of the night, which was serving Sir w the kids want to go to the region and are eager to meet you. He welcomed with open hours on 2 am a number of brothers, and later also the Imam of their feelings and responses.

Imam Khomeini: i am not important than iran people

Another interesting to me that the memory is related to the night that a conspiracy was discovered and neutralized nigh coup d ' teat. That night all the authorities’ time to Iran and we also went to the mountains and armed. Later, from his Office in Haj Agha Ansari, heard that that day had told the Imam, "Let's go out of here, it is possible that an aircraft bombed the area" to come. Hazrat Imam had said: "unless my blood is the blood of the people of Iran more Rainbow." I also one day come all the external charge d'affaires occasion with serve particular Sir was reached. They thought, come to Iran now with a Palace will be encountered. We help ourselves and went to the Armada of Hosseinieh. When I told them to please sit down, was not on the ground that has geophysical sit and Hazrat Imam to come later.

Ablution and configures the Imam (Khomeini) in iran

Days, months and years in this way can our every day over and over before the clear fountain of affection and we watered it Imam until it the night that I wish I never saw her coming. PM and I was have to come home when I suddenly saw a drawn circle, I realized the helicopter site. When I went to the mosque, saw all the mojavat in Iran, and all of the humans and even solids can also testify that Iran happens to be taking place in an attachment, but it's not that I dare to even think about the passing of beloved Imam. I would say bad companions of Imam have been a radio times announced that people go to the mosques and pray.

I got myself busy working there that all of a sudden I saw the giant Professor Imam. Two beds were laid out. When we opened, we saw the merry gentleman that he is, like the mountains and the perslabat are based. When you perform them, had taken their best and to learn all I said several times, "amama warriors! Don't forget the Basij. They listen to command men until the last minute you stand and your Word to John and Dell were the buyer. "We help in a timely manner and wrapping the shroud last time they wanted on the cover with the Imam on the shroud, kiss him. Then turn the lid until the Professor Imam funeral and later he was supposed to let the cold and inside that morning announce that Hazrat Imam have died.

The interesting thing is that when you've had to perform configuration of the Imam noticed that they also have their own shroud, this suggests the character of the Prophet mihazab and breath any Imam.


After the death of the Imam, the other being Iran it was with Imam Safaei,. Wherever retrospect, we see the empty place of Imam.

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