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The United States millions of dollars from the sale of all types of weapons to countries like Saudi Arabia to the Pocket and always maintain and create regional arms trade crisis continues.
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Publish Date: 03June 2018 - 06:09

Riyadh game device for Washington in Western AsiaAccording to defapress reporter: America in the West Asia region is highly sought to find a accused, to load the responsibility for atrocities in the region to take a shower and accused the blame from the arrow tip themselves towards others, they propel it along with the interests of the And their goals.

To clarify this claim first to a brief history of the relationship between the Middle East and the United States can be mentioned; the relationship between the United States, with the Middle East prior to the first world war was limited, though a few business relationships together. As long as the Ottoman Empire was at the head of power, the United States and many European countries had limited relations with the Middle East, but following the collapse of the American Empire and England began to import oil from the Middle East; this went so far that the U.S. action from an oil exporter to a log Producer Tom became the oil around the world.

The United States to make their own interests in Western Asia, all their efforts for the implementation of the "new Middle East" was the work of Middle East; people and culture go a bit of value to the United States, but the purpose of his stay in Western Asia is who wants benefits through plunder its resources to the world's first power Turn.
The term "new Middle East" in the month of June 2006 in Tel Aviv by the U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (who by the Western media because of the preparation of the approved term), was raised in the manner of formation of this map can be paid :

The United States military with the road map approved by three hostile countries (America, Britain, Israel) was formed in the Middle East, has shown that the planning for the long-term goals, which is in line with the interests of the United States, Britain and Israel. According to a recent American actions in the Middle East have said that this country has a massive program to achieve their selfish goals across the Middle East. By the same token, "Gary CHAN, senior economic Manager," declared: "a fundamental reality of global policy is that" the world is not "a global community, but also an arena for Nations, non-governmental actors and businesses that have competitive advantages for the United States and the foreign policy The United States is based on the existing requirements to follow it So the Americans by creating chaos and bringing into existence an unsafe atmosphere in the Middle East and bring the violence of Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf will be your strategic goals, the researcher. The map of the Middle East has been proposed that this new species with the destruction of Lebanon and the Israeli attacks to the country a new figure in the Middle East. Move to the East side in the Middle East and avoid the retreat of American and allies with the goal that all the powers are looking for all-round cooperation and certainly with Saudi Arabia in this regard paved his way over before he sees the country's boldness to create turmoil and chaos Anarchy in the region has multiplied.

The United States millions of dollars from the sale of all types of weapons to countries like Saudi Arabia to the Pocket and always maintain and create regional crises continues to trade arms; on the other hand, based on the claim of "Henry Kissinger" this country has more legitimacy than theAll of the other country for the country that has the internal differences is to increase their influence in the region and the warmongering and create confusion to the highest level and in this way to their own interests.

Here to make the main accused Riyadh of crisis and turbulence in the region is not considered, we noted that the data-x-items the country got rid of the scourge of the American shield for the global community not to blame:

1-stop the brutal and bloody war against Yemen.

2-reduce the supporting terrorist organizations.

3-in the direction of peace measures, normalize relations with countries in the region.

4-as soon as their investments in the United States

5-stop talks with Washington to the agreement the price of oil.

6. Do the steps in the direction of currency exchanges other than dollars (i.e. euro, Yuan and rubles) to allow the oil in the Persian Gulf in non-us dollar currencies trading.

By looking at all of the events of recent decades in Western Asia can easily get that way easy to achieve your goals in the Middle East has found, but here is a question that always comes before us, around the world looking for the project has been the Islam phobia, because with a Muslim country Time table? Whether, this would not be a constant of American abuse of this country because of the weakness of its available against a country like Iran.
The United States with Shiite Iran phobia and phobia project kick off hand in hand, and Saudi Arabia has promised that u.s support of Mohamed Bin Salman after a lean on the throne of the Kingdom of power will be the first in the Middle East. Training ground for us Yemen into Saudi Arabia has become that this young King of war with Iran, and training with the sale of weapons to this country from day to day on the power of making hand-made in USA for Mohammed bin Salman said, unaware that their strength Yemen's people And not surrender indicated that the war with the nation for every country in the world except a loss will not be something else; of course, Mohammed bin Salman will wake up from the sleep time and the taste of the American dishonesty one after another will taste.

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